49ers Make Strategic Moves Armstead Released Key Players Re-Signed

The San Francisco 49ers adjust their roster with significant changes, including the release of Arik Armstead and securing contracts with key players

49ers Make Strategic Moves  Armstead Released  Key Players Re-Signed
  1. Introduction
    • Overview of the 49ers' recent roster changes.
  2. Arik Armstead's Release
    • Summary of Armstead's contributions and achievements with the 49ers.
  3. Re-signing Brandon Allen
    • Details on Brandon Allen's career and his re-signing.
  4. Extensions for McKivitz and Odum
    • Colton McKivitz and George Odum's contract extensions and their impact.
  5. Implications for the 49ers' Future
    • How these moves could shape the team's strategy and performance.
  6. Conclusion
    • Recap of the 49ers' strategic roster decisions.
  7. FAQs
    • Answers to common questions about the 49ers' roster moves.


The San Francisco 49ers have announced a series of strategic roster moves as part of their ongoing efforts to optimize team performance and financial flexibility. These changes include the release of defensive lineman Arik Armstead and the re-signing of quarterback Brandon Allen. Additionally, the team has secured one-year and two-year extensions for offensive lineman Colton McKivitz and safety George Odum, respectively. This article delves into each of these decisions, examining their implications for the team's future.

Arik Armstead's Release

Arik Armstead has been a cornerstone of the 49ers' defense since being drafted in 2015. Over nine seasons, Armstead made significant contributions, including 33.5 sacks and a strong postseason presence. Despite his accolades and community impact through the Armstead Academic Project, the 49ers have decided to release him, signaling a shift towards new defensive strategies and cap space management.

Re-signing Brandon Allen

Brandon Allen's journey through the NFL has seen him play for several teams, with his latest stint at the 49ers now extended through a one-year deal. Allen's experience and versatility as a quarterback offer the 49ers a reliable backup option and strategic depth in the quarterback position.

Extensions for McKivitz and Odum

The 49ers have shown their commitment to solidifying their offensive and special teams units by extending Colton McKivitz and George Odum. McKivitz's role in propelling the team's rushing success is crucial, while Odum's special teams prowess, highlighted by leading the NFL in tackles and earning All-Pro honors, adds valuable depth and skill.

Implications for the 49ers' Future

These roster changes reflect the 49ers' strategic approach to building a competitive and financially sustainable team. While the release of a veteran like Armstead may be seen as a significant shift, the extensions and signings indicate a focus on maintaining core talent and enhancing team depth.


The San Francisco 49ers' recent roster moves mark a pivotal moment in the team's preparation for the upcoming season. By adjusting their lineup with the release of Arik Armstead and securing key players like Brandon Allen, Colton McKivitz, and George Odum, the 49ers are positioning themselves for future success both on and off the field.


  • Why did the 49ers release Arik Armstead?
  • What does Brandon Allen bring to the 49ers as a quarterback?
  • How do the extensions of McKivitz and Odum impact the team's strategy?
  • What are the 49ers' goals with these roster moves?

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