The Houthis control an Israeli ship

in a qualitative development in the context of the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip

The Houthis control an Israeli ship

The Ansar Allah Houthi militia announced its control of the Galaxy Leader ship with 22 people on board, which was sailing near the coast of the Gulf. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz said that the ship hijacked by the Houthis belongs to a company owned by Israeli businessman Rami Unger.The Houthi group had previously announced its intention to target all types of Israeli ships in the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab Strait.The Israeli authorities denied that the hijacked ship was Israeli, and that there were no Israelis among its crew. Despite this, the Israeli army spokesman stated that the hijacking of the cargo ship by the Houthis near Yemen, south of the Red Sea, is a very dangerous global eventThe Israeli Prime Minister's Office accused the Islamic Republic of Iran of being responsible for the hijacking of this hijacked ship. It also said that the ship that the Houthis attacked under Iranian instructions, as described, is owned by a British company and operated by a Japanese company, and carries on board 25 individuals of different nationalities that are not Israeli It is worth noting that the Houthis had previously announced targeting sites in southern Israel, especially the port of Eilat, with ballistic missiles and drones.

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