Bobbi Althoff Opens Up About Divorce from Cory Althoff: A New Chapter Begins

After four years of marriage, "The Really Good Podcast" host confirmed that she and husband Cory Althoff have broken up.

Bobbi Althoff Opens Up About Divorce from Cory Althoff: A New Chapter Begins

Bobbi Althoff Opens Up About Divorce from Cory Althoff: A New Chapter Begins

In a heartfelt revelation, Bobbi Althoff, the vibrant host of "The Really Good Podcast," has shared the news of her divorce from Cory Althoff, marking the end of their four-year marriage. The couple, blessed with two daughters, embarks on a new journey of co-parenting with grace and mutual respect.

Embracing Change with Grace

Bobbi took to Instagram on February 7, 2024, to express her emotions during this challenging time. Despite the sadness of parting ways, she remains grateful for the years spent together and cherishes Cory's role as a dedicated father to their daughters, Isla and Luca. Bobbi's message highlights the strength found in friendship and love, even as paths diverge.

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Navigating Co-parenting and Legal Matters

According to court documents, the separation, attributed to "irreconcilable differences," took place on July 4, with both parties committed to sharing joint custody of their children. This decision underscores their commitment to maintaining a nurturing environment for their daughters amidst personal changes.

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Bobbi Althoff: A Multifaceted Persona

Bobbi Althoff's journey from a TikTok sensation sharing pregnancy and motherhood experiences to a podcasting powerhouse interviewing A-list celebrities demonstrates her dynamic presence in the digital world. Her unique blend of dead-pan humor has not only entertained but also carved a niche for her in the podcasting landscape.

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Keeping Personal Life Private

Despite her public persona, Bobbi has always preferred to keep her romantic life away from the spotlight, a choice that resonates with many public figures seeking to balance visibility and personal privacy.

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