Laurence Fox Defeated in High Court Over Defamatory Social Media Claims

Laurence Fox has lost a High Court libel case with two people he called paedophiles on social media.

Laurence Fox Defeated in High Court Over Defamatory Social Media Claims

Actor and politician Laurence Fox faced a significant legal setback in the High Court after losing a libel case concerning his statements on social media. Fox, known for his role in the ITV series Lewis and his political ambitions, was sued by Simon Blake and drag artist Crystal for defamatory comments made on a platform formerly known as Twitter.

The Case: Defamation on Social Media

During a discussion about Sainsbury's decision to celebrate Black History Month, Fox referred to Blake, a former trustee of Stonewall, and Crystal, a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race, as "paedophiles". Mrs Justice Collins Rice ruled these allegations as "harmful, defamatory and baseless", highlighting the lack of evidence to support such claims.

Impact of Defamation

Crystal, whose real name is Colin Seymour, described the severe distress and safety concerns faced following the allegations. Similarly, Blake, now CEO of Mental Health First Aid England, emphasized the damaging and longstanding stereotype associating gay men with paedophilia.

Counter-Suit and Racial Accusations

Fox, founder of the Reclaim Party, counter-sued Blake and Seymour, alleging defamation over their accusations of racism. However, the court found these counter-claims insufficient to prove serious harm to Fox's reputation.

Fox's Reaction and Future Plans

Following the verdict, Fox expressed his intention to appeal, questioning the legal definition of racism. He remains a controversial figure, recently dismissed from his GB News show due to contentious remarks.

Crystal's Relief and Statement

Post-verdict, Crystal expressed relief and highlighted the broader issue of queer demonization. He emphasized the importance of standing against false and harmful stereotypes.

Nicola Thorp's Comments

Nicola Thorp, also involved in the dispute, pointed out Fox's responsibility for his tarnished reputation.

Fox's Career Shift to Politics

Fox, once celebrated for his acting, including a notable role in "Lewis", has shifted focus to politics. Despite unsuccessful runs for London Mayor and a parliamentary seat, he remains active in political discourse.

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