Kevin O’Leary New York Investment Trump’s Judgment

Kevin O’Leary Swears Off Investing in New York Following Trump’s $355M Judgment

Kevin O’Leary New York Investment Trump’s Judgment
  1. ntroduction

    • Overview of Kevin O’Leary’s stance on investing in New York
    • Context of the $355M judgment against Trump
  2. The Manhattan Judgment

    • Summary of the case and judgment by Judge Arthur Engoron
    • The implications of the judgment
  3. Kevin O’Leary’s Reaction

    • O’Leary’s comments on the decision
    • The business community's response
  4. Political and Legal Implications

    • Analysis of Judge Engoron's ruling
    • The impact on New York’s investment climate
  5. Gov. Kathy Hochul’s Response

    • Hochul’s attempt to reassure investors
    • Comparison with Trump’s situation
  6. The Exodus to Low-Tax States

    • Discussion on businesses moving to states like Texas and Florida
    • Factors driving the relocation
  7. The Future of New York’s Business Environment

    • Prospects for investment in New York
    • Strategies to attract and retain businesses
  8. Conclusion

    • Summary of key points
    • Final thoughts on the investment climate in New York

Kevin O'Leary's Bold Stance: No New York Investments Post-Trump Judgment

Dive into Kevin O’Leary’s decision to halt investments in New York following a $355M judgment against Donald Trump, highlighting the broader implications for the state’s business climate.


In a striking declaration, "Shark Tank" star Kevin O'Leary has vowed to withdraw from investing in New York, labeling the state a "loser" in the wake of a Manhattan court mandating Donald Trump to pay $355 million over fraudulent business practices. This article explores O'Leary's reasons and the potential fallout for New York's investment landscape.

The Manhattan Judgment

The judgment against Trump, delivered by Judge Arthur Engoron, concluded that Trump and his sons misrepresented their wealth and inflated asset values. This section outlines the case's details and its significance beyond the immediate parties involved.

Kevin O’Leary’s Reaction

O'Leary expressed shock at the judgment, distancing his decision from Trump's legal woes while critiquing New York's business environment as unfriendly to investors. Insights from O'Leary's interview on Fox Business Network provide a deeper understanding of his stance.

Political and Legal Implications

Engoron's ruling, suggesting Trump's likely continuation of "fraudulent ways," raises questions about the legal and political landscape in New York. This analysis discusses the ruling's impact on the perception of New York as an investment destination.

Gov. Kathy Hochul’s Response

Governor Kathy Hochul's efforts to reassure investors contrast sharply with O'Leary's skepticism. Hochul emphasizes the uniqueness of Trump's case and the welcoming nature of New York for law-abiding businesses. This section evaluates Hochul's statements and their potential to sway investor sentiment.

The Exodus to Low-Tax States

O'Leary's prediction of an investor exodus to states like Texas and Florida highlights a growing trend. This discussion explores the reasons behind this shift and what it means for New York's future as a business hub.

The Future of New York’s Business Environment

What lies ahead for New York in terms of attracting and retaining investments? This conclusion reflects on strategies that New York could employ to enhance its appeal to investors amidst challenges.


Kevin O'Leary's refusal to invest in New York post-Trump judgment marks a critical moment for the state's investment climate. As New York navigates this tumultuous period, the responses from political leaders and the business community will be crucial in shaping its future as an attractive destination for investment.


  • Why has Kevin O’Leary decided against investing in New York?
  • What was the judgment against Donald Trump about?
  • How has the business community reacted to the judgment?
  • What are Gov. Kathy Hochul’s views on the situation?
  • Why are investors considering moving to states like Texas and Florida?


Kevin O’Leary, renowned ‘Shark Tank’ judge and businessman, has declared his intention to cease all investment activities in New York. This bold statement came after a Manhattan judge ruled that former President Donald Trump and his sons must pay $355 million as part of a civil lawsuit alleging fraudulent business practices. O’Leary expressed his astonishment at the decision by Judge Arthur Engoron and criticized the state's business environment, stating it had become unattractive to investors. O’Leary, also known as "Mr. Wonderful," emphasized that his decision transcends the specifics of the Trump case, pointing to broader issues with New York's legal framework and leadership. Governor Kathy Hochul has attempted to reassure business owners, emphasizing the uniqueness of the Trump case and welcoming law-abiding businesses to the state. However, O’Leary remains unconvinced, joining others in the business community in expressing concern over the implications of such legal actions on investment in New York.

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