Mirrors are windows to the other world

One of the most common cases of pathological apprehension (phobia) in human societies is reflecto-phopia, which is when you become anxious about mirror

Mirrors are windows to the other world

 especially if your reflection begins to act with movements that do not agree with what you are doing, such as laughing while you frown, or suddenly winking at you. In the mirror
Joe Frazier, the most famous historical sociologist, confirms that this apprehension goes back immediately to (the idea of the mate), which was prevalent in (the civilizations of the Middle East. The mate is a being similar to the inverse of human beings. If the person has a material texture, then the mate is ethereal, and if the person is good, then the mate is evil, and because the world in which he lives... The companion is completely reversed, as his evil in his society brings him to the same rank in human society that he reached his rank in through kindness, an ordinary human being, for example.
The companion influences and is influenced interactively with his human counterpart. Their wills are not completely free. One of them can easily influence the other through his own illnesses, for example.
The idea of the Qurain, we find its origin in a codification found in the Persian Manichaean doctrine, which believes in the existence of opposite, completely opposite dualities that govern the conditions of the universe. Every evil has an equivalent good, and every matter has an equivalent ether, because the universe originated from (an equivalent quantity), so no matter how expanded it is, there must be two opposites for everything.
What is strange is that (cosmic physics) now confirms this, for for every matter there is an anti-matter, that is, for every matter there is an equivalent anti-matter, or as the ancient Hermetic text states on the legendary Emerald Tablet, as above as below.
Western myth confirms that satanic entities cannot see themselves in the mirror because they themselves are a (reflection) that does not follow our material world. In fact, this is why (vampires) do not have a reflection in the mirror, just as any (clothed) person, when you put him in front of a mirror, will see the evil spirit that You wear him, not his original person, and you should not look at him for too long, because as we see him, he sees us for the first time.
We have already mentioned that dolphins, monkeys, and whales see and understand their reflection in the mirror, while other creatures fail. The beautiful Siamese fighting fish keeps attacking its reflection on the walls of the aquarium until it kills itself from stress and bruises.
If we are talking about mirrors and the like, we must not ignore that the Eastern magician opens (the mandal) (an esoteric method of seeing lost and lost things) by (reflecting visible objects on the surface of water with a drop of ink).
As for Western folklore stories, the Brothers Grimm mention the story of Snow White and the enchanted woman who was consulting the Queen Mother---which caused Snow White great problems.

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