Strange and terrifying things... said by children

Scary and strange things said by children, for which there is no scientific explanation yet

Strange and terrifying things... said by children

1: I was waiting for the bus to go to work. My attention was caught by a strange girl who stood next to me and stared at me. I asked her why she was staring and she said, “You are very beautiful.” I smiled shyly and replied with thanks, but then she said to me, “You are so beautiful that I want to remove your face.”
2: I noticed that my son is so afraid of water that he refuses to bathe. I asked him why he was afraid and he answered me, saying, “Because I previously drowned.”
3: Late at night, my seven-year-old daughter woke me up saying, “My mother, Miss Mary, says we have to leave her house or she will kill us.” The terrifying thing is that the previous owner of the house was named Mary.
4: When my daughter was four years old, she said to me one day, “Don’t you remember, mother, when you, the daughter, and I, the mother, came and cut off our heads?”
5: When I was watching TV, my son came and stood in front of me and started looking at me with a strange look and said, “I will kill you one day.”
 6: When we moved to a new house, my daughter stopped sleeping on the bed and started sleeping on the floor. I asked her why and she answered, “The girl who was here before me said it was her bed.”
7: My son woke me up late at night and whispered in my ear, “We have to run away now. I don’t want him to hear us.”
8: I heard my four-year-old daughter singing a song that my mother used to sing to me when I was young. I asked her where she learned it from and she said, “My grandmother always sings it to me before I sleep.” But my mother died five years before my daughter was born.
9: When it was time to sleep, my son said to me, “Goodbye, Dad.” I told him that he should say good night, not goodbye, and he said, “No, this time, goodbye.”
10: My daughter once said to me, “Dad, I love you so much that I want to cut off your head and carry it with me wherever I go.”
11: Young children always learn about strange things that we have not mentioned to them before. My little son told me that his older sister comes to visit him every night, and when I asked him which sister he was talking about, since he is my only child, he told me, “The one I had an abortion with years before I was born.”
12: While I was standing on the balcony of my house watching the neighborhood children playing, the neighbor’s daughter looked at me and said, “When will your child be born?” I was amazed by her question, and in the evening of the same day I discovered that I was pregnant.
13: I woke up one night to find my sister’s son standing next to me. I asked him what you were doing here, and he said, “Go to sleep in your room and never sleep on the couch, as the strange man was watching you while you were sleeping,” knowing that there was only me, my sister, and her son in the house.
14: I was putting my three-year-old daughter to bed to sleep, and she asked me why she had to sleep now. I told her that little girls should sleep early. She suddenly stood up and pointed to one of the corners of the room and said, “What about this girl?” and when I turned around, I did not find anyone.
15: I was sitting with my young cousin one day and I saw him drawing, and when I looked at his painting I did not understand it, so I asked him what she was drawing, and he said to me, “It is a hanged woman. She told me to paint that, and she is coming to you, run away.”
16: A four-year-old girl woke her father at six in the morning and said, “Dad, I want to remove all of your skin.”
17: One night, my child woke up from his sleep and started screaming, saying, “Mom, there is something under my bed.” I searched under his bed as he asked and did not find anything, so I said that there was nothing under his bed. Then he said, “Yes, he is standing behind you now.” His words terrified me because I actually felt that There is someone standing behind me.
18: A father says that my daughter, who was not more than three years old, stood next to her little brother, then pointed to him and said, “Dad, he is a monster. We must get rid of him, we must bury him.”
19: The mother was driving the car with her child, and the child said to the mother, “Mom, when I was in your womb, you were in a car accident.”
She said to him, “This is true, but you were safe in my womb.” He said, “I know that. I was watching you with a white man, and he told me that you would be fine.”
20: I was sitting with my little brother in the living room when he suddenly turned towards the wall and stared at it for a few minutes, then said, “Not now.” He went back to watching TV after a short time. He looked again at the wall and said, “Okay, see you later.”
21: I was taking care of my sister’s children when she was working late, and when they went to sleep, I sat in front of the TV until my sister returned home and then left. The next day, she called me and told me that her children said that I was standing in front of their room door all the time, smiling.
22: My husband died, and during the funeral, my friend’s son saw me crying and asked me why. I told him, “I miss my husband,” and he said to me, “Why, because he is standing in front of the door.”
23: My brother sleepwalks, and one night he came to my room while he was sleeping and said, “Beware of the devil behind you.”
24: My 3-year-old daughter said to me, “You are the best mother I have ever had.” I told her, “But I am your only mother.” She started to walk away and said, “They all say that.”
25: We moved to a new house, and when we were moving our things inside, a young boy came and said to me, “My mother wants me to tell you that those who lived here before you are buried in the backyard.” Then he quickly left, and I never saw this child again.
26: My son came to my room late at night crying and saying, “The man who has no head is trying to open the window.”
27: When I was sitting in one of the parks and reading my favorite book, a young boy came to me and whispered to me, “The man next to you says he will kill you one day, be careful,” but there was no one next to me!
28: My young son once asked me a strange question. He said, “Dad, if you cut someone’s tongue, will he die or will he stay alive?”
29: I asked my only 4-year-old daughter, “Do you want to have a sister?” He said, “No, because I killed my sister before because I hate her.”
30: My daughter told me that ghosts are real because there is someone whispering in her ear every night

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