The Black tunnel

It's been a long time and we're still on the road and so far the train has not reached the last stop

The Black tunnel

I can still hear the noise of the road and the movements of the train wheels. I thought we did not move and the train is still completely stopped, and never moved I do not know whether we are in the middle of the road, or have not moved yet. All this made me feel that there is no specific goal to reach. At the end of this road there is no last station to go. The feeling was painful. As if I on the wrong road, and that everything I dreamed was not achieved, And that everything changed again came back worse than it was, and that there is no new beginning waiting for me at the last station,and I will remain stuck here on the road endlessly Everything is stopped around me, and these sounds I hear, the noise of the train are just illusions inside my mind, like doses of narcotic drugs make me believe in things that do not exist, make me lose the real feeling gradually, makes me think I'm nearing to the end, But in fact I'm still in my place and I have never move . As for love that I thought helped me a lot and became the great motivation for me, it also became an illusion, just sexual relationship for a short time and ended. It was just a relationship for orgasm, not to stay for the end of life. My brain came close to the explosion because of this thought and because of the pain that was taking over my head. Because of the noise, the sounds of the train wheels penetrated my mind, but without seeing anything from the windows, the road was a narrow underground like old corridor, like the trenches of world wars, there is no light, but every 10 kilometers, there is a small lamp hanging on the walls, the light was very weak will not last for less than a second All this made me feel as if I was going to one of the extermination camps of the Nazi army, and there will be conducted on some psychopathic medical experiments I do not know if this is another mental creation of the intensity of the fear that haunts me, from the death that was hours ago, either is the effect of medicine, or the effect of the long road fatigue, I do not know anything I do not know if the road will go any longer than that, and this noise will continue to penetrate my mind until destroy me completely , before this long road is over, and even if this is an illusion, I can make sure that the only truth is that I'm still in the train on this long road Wait for the last station that may never exist.

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