The dark void

There is no one here Yes you have become completely alone, everyone who has been here and everyone in your life has gone away, there will never be anyone left

The dark void
the rest of you will lose it gradually, day after day will lose desire and feeling, will Lose the ability to scream and talk,You will sew your mouth with your hand,and you will sew with a red fibre, and lose your ability to talk, you will lose the sense of pain,and you will fill your blood dripping all the place will turn you Damned may read on you magic talisman to turn everything around you for hallucinations and paranoia will get closer to madness or suicide and remain between the narrow walls and you are struggling with the remaining time in front of the broken wall clock, waiting to stop completely movement to finish everything in silence, there is no one left to establish a funeral ceremony, you will not find you put in the coffin and Read for you verses from the holy book , and put you inside your grave, and put roses around you,
it`s a real tragedy
No one ... no voice ... nothing at all
It is the infinite Void .

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