Nightmare Called Life

I could not believe that my body still had a soul in it. I could not believe that my body still had blood moving inside the arteries that I knew it was empty

Nightmare Called Life
 I knew that I was part of the world of the dead. No sound, no movement, no spirit, only devils and sometimes angels.and nothing else .. so I no longer remember anything .. because I no longer know anything I do not know what is happening here ... I do not know why it is still here between this misery and death and the void that surrounds me .. But what?when the end will come And when I get rid of the weight of this boring and sick life .. How long will I looking for death in all ways that open in all the ways I walk ..Despite all of this, I haven't found it yet. After all the traditional and different ways of death were used. But all attempts have failed.and go back to the room and write all these attempts, which I do not know the number so far .. Perhaps this time is the hundred or a thousand I do not know Or I do not remember anymore .after I finished writing down this last attempt. I no longer have anything except the drugs that fills my empty home
I have to take a dose now that I can sleep Maybe my only dream will come true And run away from this nightmare called life.

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