The stuck soul

My soul is still suspended in endless ropes of pain... My soul is still on the run and expelled from the mercy of God .

The stuck soul
There is still light here, although it is weak light, we can not see well, it was weak light, but it was darker than darkness, made us realize that the spirit was stuck in the middle, without fall and Without surrender to this torment, it was only a punishment that gradually increases as we realize the magnitude of the sins committed
the dawn ...The light will increase slightly over the coming hours,but we still can not see well, the mist filling the place as if there is no difference between the night and the day, between the darkness and the weak light that reaches to us without changing anything , Light can not do anything in the darkness that settles inside us and controls the soul, but we can feel that there is still hope in a new life But so far all the plans have failed, and the soul is still stuck inside.
and We are still struggling with the idea of existence in constant screams without anyone hearing these cries, without anyone caring, as if the final punishment of God , without mercy or forgiveness, without end.
The soul will remain stuck in the middle forever , and we will continue to enjoy the continuous torment without stop, and we will remain under the influence of the weak light coming from the mist that always prevents us from seeing
This weak light will remain here inside, but a light is more cursed than darkness.

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