Neon Eye

Perhaps the light will repair what the sad darkness has ruined. Have you not seen my eyes that have become like marionette dolls, catching the light everywhere?

Neon Eye
It`s the Atmosphere she was always looking for, which helped her to discover herself from the inside. The light helped her to enjoy the darkness on her own. When she imagined that the stars in her room were shining all over the room,
Do you see her eyes shining in the dark?
Yes shine like the eyes of cats, like shining of diamonds
Despite all this she always take her to a sense of another inside a sense of physical and lustful, and at the time of darkness may increase the room and take off her clothes piece by piece until they become completely naked and becomes her body shine like distant stars in the cold sky, and all will become nothing then just sense of pleasure started in the middle of her body and spread, even if they are still alone naked on the bed and no one shared this pleasure, and time passes until it reaches orgasm and end of this world to enter a new world, a new sense and different, she is become like the spacecraft, which travels in the universe between the stars and the planets and the worlds Other, she found herself in every experience going through, even though it is still inside her room between low lighting and silent and cold air, its was her Atmosphere and now she's glowing in a new her universe .
Do you see her eyes shining from her Galaxy?

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