For the first time, a Yemeni film reaches the international level and competes for an Oscar

Despite the conditions that Yemen and its people have been suffering from for years due to war, poverty, hunger and diseases.

The matter does not stop locally only, as it has crossed the borders of Yemen until it reached the highest cinematic awards in the world, which is competing for the Oscar in the international film category. Yemen chose the film “The Weary” by Amr Gamal, to be represented on the long list of Oscars in the category of best international film for the 2024 edition. The film “The Weary Ones” was chosen by a committee formed by the Yemeni Ministry of Culture to choose a film to represent Yemen in the Oscars. On the other hand, this is the second film directed by the Yemeni director, born in Aden Governorate, Amr Gamal, to reach the long list of Oscars, after his film The romantic comedy “10 Days Before the Wedding,” which was produced in 2018. The committee said in its statement: “The film meets all the eligibility criteria required by the Academy Academy for nomination, and it is also Yemen’s only cinematic production this year.” The events of this movie “The Exhausted” revolve around a couple, Israa and Ahmed, who are doing their best to provide a normal life and education for their three young children. When they discover that Israa is pregnant again, they have to make difficult decisions, as she begins to think about aborting herself, despite her knowledge of the social consequences. that may result from this action. The makers of the Yemeni film “Weary” said on Saturday that the film won the “Amnesty International Award” at the Berlin Film Festival, which is presented to the film with the most humanitarian impact among all sections of the festival. The film’s producer, Mohsen Al-Khulaifi, wrote on his Facebook page: “The film also received the second highest percentage of votes in the Audience Award.” The film's director said in an interview with the Berlin Film Festival website earlier: "I was keen to film the film in its natural settings in the city of Aden, and I captured panoramic shots with my camera showing many of the city's landmarks that I fear will disappear in the coming years."

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