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The Exorcist movie...the true story..."Part 2"

Despite the fame and success of the movie “The Exorcist,” it certainly did not escape those who doubted its author, William Blatty...

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Behind the movie "Deliver Us"

The devil is here and the other is also there It is an attempt to untie the complex of the movie “Deliver Us” and dissect the vari...

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The Exorcist movie...the true story

In 1949 American newspapers published several reports about some priests conducting successful sessions to exorcise evil spirits f...

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For the first time, a Yemeni film reaches the inte...

Despite the conditions that Yemen and its people have been suffering from for years due to war, poverty, hunger and diseases.

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Winter never come

She is no longer here anymore. All I have to do now is accept these painful days. From now on, I couldn't hear her voice, I coul...

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How to read tarot cards

How to read tarot cards In the movie The Ninth Gate, starring Johnny Depp and directed by Roman Polonsky ,hero follows the secret ...

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