The Exorcist movie...the true story

In 1949 American newspapers published several reports about some priests conducting successful sessions to exorcise evil spirits from the body of boy Ronald

The Exorcist movie...the true story

The boy Ronald, and there are other sources who called him Robbie (Robbie Mannheim) - and in fact no one knows precisely the boy’s real name because the church concealed all his personal information. As for the details of the case, they came from secondary sources, that is, from the priests who participated in The ritual of expelling the evil spirit from the boy’s body. Press reports about the boy aroused the curiosity of many people, and one of those who was aroused by the story to the point of obsession was the American writer of Lebanese origin, William Peter Blatty, whose enthusiasm prompted him to conduct his own investigations about The case, and his efforts culminated in obtaining a copy of the diary of one of the priests who participated in expelling the evil spirit from the boy’s body.
These diaries gave Blatty the opportunity to write his famous novel, “The Exorcist,” which he published in America in 1971. It achieved unparalleled success and topped the list of best-selling books for an entire year. This success was a strong motivation to turn the novel into a movie.
In the novel, Blatty changed some details of the real story, so the boy Ronald turned into a girl named Regan, and some fictional events were added to add more excitement. Here we should note again that Blatty was not able to meet the boy Ronald, but the closest he was able to reach regarding the case was his conversation with Pastor William Bowdern before his death. This priest was the one who presided over the exorcism sessions, and he assured Blatty that the story was true, but he refused. Conclusively provide any information that could lead to revealing the boy’s identity. In general, and based on the available information
The boy Ronald was born in 1935, and he is the only child of his family who lived in a city in the American state of Maryland. Ronald was attached to his aunt, Harriet, who lived in St. Louis, Missouri. This eccentric aunt worked as a psychic in soul preparation sessions, and during one of her visits, she gave Ronald a Ouija board - a board with letters and numbers used to communicate with the spirits of the dead - and taught him how to use it to communicate. With the ghosts of the other world, some believe that this tablet was the cause of the calamity that befell the boy later. On January 26, 1949, Aunt Harriet died suddenly and mysteriously at the age of fifty-four.
It is said that the boy Ronald tried to contact her spirit through the Ouija board, and it was only a few nights ago that Ronald's family began hearing annoying knocks and scratching coming from the walls of the house. At first they thought it was the sounds of some rodents and insects, but they were unable to find any of these creatures. Then the family began hearing the sound of hidden footsteps walking around inside the house, but they could not determine their source. Soon, things developed and the furniture in the house began to move on their own! The vases float in the air without anyone touching them! Nightmares began to plague Ronald, and strange noises were emanating from his bed, as if someone was trying to crawl inside. His family also noticed that he had become agitated and irritable, and they were terrified by the appearance of lines and vague words on various parts of his body. The boy's family asked their church priest, Father Luther Schulz, for help
They told him that they had consulted many doctors and psychotherapists to treat their son, to no avail. According to medical reports, Ronald was not suffering from any health symptoms, but his condition continued to deteriorate day after day. Father Schultz asked Ronald's parents to leave him at home for several nights so that he could examine him and see his condition carefully. Those nights turned into a real nightmare that did not leave Father Schultz's memory until the last day of his life. On the first night, after everyone had gone to their beds, suddenly a vague hum rose and the boy's bed began to shake violently, then some pieces of furniture began to move on their own... one of the chairs. It rose into the air and began to circle around the boy's bed, hitting the faces of everyone in the room! That terrifying night made Father Schultz certain that a hidden satanic hand was behind all the strange events that had followed the boy for several weeks, and that the only way to relieve him of his suffering was to perform specific rituals to expel evil from his body. Ronald's family, with the advice of Father Schultz, presented the boy to another priest named Father Edward Hughes. Strange things happened during his interview. Suddenly the atmosphere in the room became very cold, and the boy began to speak in a hoarse voice in an obscure language that they did not understand at all.
These things were enough to convince Father Hughes that an evil spirit was controlling the boy's body and that the only way to rid him of it was to perform specific rituals to expel it. Father Hughes actually performed these rituals in the basement of Georgetown University Hospital, but Ronald became extremely violent, spitting on Father Hughes and cursing him with the most horrific insults. Then he somehow managed to free himself from the shackles that were pinning him to the bed and dealt a strong blow to Father Hughes. An iron chain hit him in the shoulder and threw him to the ground, which required him to be taken out of the room to receive treatment. His deep wound required more than a hundred stitches to stitch it together, but the boy calmed down completely after they took Father Hughes away and no longer remembered anything about what happened. Ronald returned home with his parents, and his condition continued to deteriorate until one day, Reverend William Bowdern, accompanied by another cleric, visited him and saw the strange things happening to him, such as mysterious sounds and mysterious symbols on his body, and pieces of furniture moving on their own. The two priests submitted a report on the boy’s condition to the bishop. The person in charge of them agreed to conduct new sessions to expel the evil spirit in a religious hospital
Ronald was taken to the hospital, and three priests headed by Father Budern began preparing to conduct the ritual. The first session was violent, during which the boy's bed shook violently and phrases such as "evil" and "hell" appeared on his body. He began to curse and insult the priests, and he also managed to deliver a sudden, powerful blow that broke one of them's nose. According to the diary recorded by Father Budern, the process of expelling the evil spirit from the boy’s body

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