How to read tarot cards

How to read tarot cards In the movie The Ninth Gate, starring Johnny Depp and directed by Roman Polonsky ,hero follows the secret of a terrible book

How to read tarot cards

Regardless of the plot of the movie, the writer Artur Perez inspired the story from (Tarot cards, which are the cards that are associated with fortune-telling and conjuring dark entities.) The matter is clearly mentioned in Kabbalah and the books of its Sufis, the Kharijites and the Moors  These Tarot cards are the second source of traditional symbols for humans
Tarot readers go back to a very ancient time, and in its inception, it must have been associated with rune stone readers, which everyone who watched the movie Stardust knows.
  Julius Caesar himself recorded it for the Odin civilization, as well as the striking of the lighter, and mentioned it in the Abrahamic doctrines, from the selection of lots in the Old Testament to the lighter that fell on the 1,000 camels that were slaughtered for the ransom of Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib, and its presence during the Inquisition was considered a sure sign of its owner’s practice of witchcraft. It was mentioned in the book Mallus Malificarus. ...The Hammer of Witches. It is likely that the current deck of Tarot cards was transferred to Naples in the late fourteenth century from the Muslims and Jews of Spain. Also, another deck of cards was transferred that was not destined to last. It is called the Hovamaterspiel, and the most famous cardomanci in history is Mary Ann. Leomand, whose fortune telling was written by Marie Antoinette, Robespierre, Napoleon Bonaparte, and published in 1804.
  The Tarot has been associated with other famous names, including...Palmer Hill...Aleister Crowley...Frieda Harris. Carl Jung, the famous psychologist, also spoke about the Tarot.
Young said that the Tarot characters represent...the personality types of members of society, while Timothy Leary said that the numerical hierarchy of the Tarot cards represents the itinerary and history of all humanity...and in the next part we will complete the analysis of the card by card and the meanings of each of three perspectives...the psychological one. ...and the unseen...and the cabalistic.
The Tarot also spread among the gypsies in particular, while the Jews fled from it....
We know part of the Tarot, and we all played it when we were young. The deck of cards that make up the regular playing cards (bridge and poker) is itself part of the Tarot cards... and the game of opening the playing cards that the ladies used to have fun with in the afternoon, which is called (slitting the playing cards). A very recent fruit with roots that go back further than we imagine
That leaves. The Lesser Secret, which consists of 52 cards known to us as (cards)...or (cards of distress)...or (poker and bridge set)...and they do not represent the four aspects of life.
The heart represents love
The pick represents work
The truffle represents health and conflicts
The Karoo represents money.
The value of any of the cards is determined by its number from 2 to 10, and after that is Prince Tamuz or (Horus).
The king, who is Osiris or Baal, then the queen, who is Ishtar or Isis
Finally, the One and Only God, personally
As for the greatest secret deck, it consists of 22 cards...each of which bears a number except for the first, which represents the number 0...and this confirms that this card at least did not exist before Al-Khwarizmi...and the order of the smaller secret cards in strength. ..not as we are accustomed to...numbers and then..(a boy) (a girl) (an old man)........No, the youngest is Waraqa (the old king) or Osiris or Baal.......(the middle one) She is the card of the (prince)...or Horus or Tammuz, who is always the highest. She is Queen Isis Ishtar
And now to the papers of the greatest secret
The first fool number 0...the fool
This card usually represents a young man wearing a brightly colored abaya and a brightly colored turban, walking dancing towards a deep abyss, unaware of where his steps are leading him, despite the brightness of the sun. He carries his bag of money carelessly, and is often accompanied by a playful dog...or a peacock. This card is interpreted as representing:
Heedlessness, foolishness, extravagance, hesitation, ignorance, dependence
Kabalia: The leaf symbolizes Eve before Satan deceived her by eating the apple
Among the Norse, it symbolizes Prince (Yamir)... the firstborn god who was killed by Odin and his brothers and created from him the nine universes that make up the world.
Anthropomethology is a symbol of the first stone man
Psychologically, it symbolizes a newborn who has just been born and does not know anything about life


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