The Legend of the Book of Satan: The Most Mysterious Volume in History

The Book of Satan, or Codex Gigas, which in Arabic means the Gigas Manuscripts, is also called the Colossal Book, and all of these names refer to the strangest book in history, or even the most mysterious book of all time, because of the legend that spread about the writing of that book.

Legend has it that this book was written by a monk who violated the teachings and laws of the monastery and broke his covenant with it. He was sentenced by the monastery to hang that monk alive on the wall, which greatly frightened him and he began to plead with the monastery to forgive him and pardon him, but that was to no avail. Failing, the monk took it upon himself to perform a supernatural act in order to avoid that severe punishment, and he promised to write a book in which he glorified the monastery.

In it, he mentions all of man’s knowledge, but he sets a date that is more severe than the punishment itself, which is to write down that book in one night!!

Indeed, that monk began writing that book at the beginning of the night, and he continued writing it until he reached midnight, and then he became certain that punishment would befall him, and that he would inevitably perish, because he had not fulfilled his promise and accomplished his work, which was writing that book, and the monk realized that he would not accomplish it. He started that huge book alone, so that monk performed a special prayer!!!!!

The prayer was not directed to God, but rather to Satan, asking him to help him write down that huge volume in exchange for that monk selling himself to Satan. Indeed, that huge book was written down and the monk drew a picture of Satan on one of the pages as thanks and glorification and gratitude to him. With the kindness that Satan offered him, which made him escape from the inevitable punishment

For your information, everyone who saw that huge volume was amazed by its size and what was mentioned in it, and that image was the most controversial content of the book. Despite the spread of these stories and legends about this book, the church did not ban it at that time, but rather it remained in circulation normally in its time.

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