The Ghost of the Paris artist

The Ghost of the Paris artist

It seems that just as Berm Stoker based his most famous masterpiece, Dorcula, from a true story mixed with some popular Roman fiction, so Gaston Leroux did in his famous novel Ghost.
The opera, which was released in 1910 and became a film fifteen years later, is a silent horror film. Of course, Leroux was inspired by its story, which takes place inside...
The Opera of the Palais des Garniers, or what is called the Paris Opera, which is one of the most important opera houses in the world... That opera that is surrounded by many secrets, from that strange lake that lies beneath the opera, and whose name is Leroux in his novel The Ghost Lake.
It is also said that the character of the ghost itself was inspired by the pianist who was disfigured after a fire in 1873 at the front of the Palais Garnier, Salle Le Pelletier, and by Garnier's assistant, the engineer who created the one that disappeared during construction.
This is also different from the famous incident that occurred in 1895, when part of a chandelier or chandelier fell on a woman during a performance and killed her. It was said that the cause was an electrical short.
This is what many people claim, that several cases of exceptional individual performances by some musicians and dancers were due to some hidden force ruling this place.
This is not the only case in which art is linked to hidden power, ghosts, whatever you want
For centuries, even before Islam, the Arabs believed that the reason for inspiring the Arab poets who excelled in Nabataean and other poetry was a place in the Arabian Peninsula called Wadi Abqar, which, by the way, is the origin from which the word genius and genius came from... It was said that this valley was inhabited by jinn. Poets used to go to him to receive poetic revelation, which is still considered among the most miraculous and strangest among the world’s poetry in linguistic sciences.

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