The Land of David novel, which reshaped Arab horror literature

We have often heard about a cursed novel that has evil control over its writer and readers, but the novel The Land of David was able to change the concept and ideas of horror, literary and cinematically.

The Land of David novel, which reshaped Arab horror literature

Many people write professionally, specifically novels, but few have been able, through their divine talent, to leave an important and distinctive mark in this literary community. The writer and journalist Ahlam Ibrahim was able to publish a novel entitled The Land of David, and with it she was able to raise controversy in the literary community. Also, for continuous months since the novel was published two years ago, it still raises controversy over the dangerous information it contains about hidden and secret worlds. The novel dealt with the dark side of ancient civilizations, specifically the Egyptian civilization, as the novel contained the unveiling of some secret information that... Its source was some of the documents that I was able to obtain through methods that I refused to talk about in television and press interviews. This controversial novel mentioned black magic and its use in communicating with demonic entities and communicating with the world of spirits. I also talked about astral projection. The writer was able to The existence of this theory was proven by some of the stories I mentioned, which indicated that these stories were based on real events and real people. It also dealt with an aspect of the rituals of opening gates and their relationship to archaeological tombs and human boats. All this unique information enabled the novel to It is the highest-seller inside and outside Egypt and select Arab countries. The author announced a few days ago to newspapers that a new edition will be made available at the Cairo International Book Fair in January 2024. She had previously announced that a contract had been made to turn the novel into a cinematic film produced by Egyptian-German production. With the participation of major Egyptian and Arab stars, a huge initial budget was allocated for it that exceeded 20 million pounds. It is truly not just a novel belonging to horror literature, but rather a gateway to a hidden world that no one has been able to approach before.
Part of the introduction to the novel
It is not like any other land... Perhaps at first glance you will realize that it is just a land that has been cursed... not only by God... but by demons as well... Here you gather everything you know and what you never know... what I read about in... The sacred books... and what is never mentioned in any forbidden books... On this cursed land you will discover what no one dared to tell you... Here you will reach the secret that combined the greatest secrets of the Pharaohs and impure black magic. And among other worlds... Perhaps you will hear about it for the first and last time... except monsters and demons as simple as humans... Here you will be liberated from your decaying, mortal physical body and you will sink into your own ethereal world... It is not just a novel. You will shortly scroll through its pages to finish it sooner or later... Beware, it may be a dimensional portal that takes you to another world that no one has ever known about before... Even I will not tell you about it now... But I promise you that you will discover all of this for yourself. 

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