A child passes the checkpoints at Najaf airport

In a strange incident of its kind, which could be the first in the Arab world, a child passes the checkpoints at Najaf airport and arrives on a plane .

A child passes the checkpoints at Najaf airport

In a strange incident of its kind... a 10-year-old child was able to pass more than 7 security checkpoints inside Najaf Airport in southern Iraq and reach a plane that was heading to Iran.
The incident occurred on Monday night, while an investigation was opened to determine the circumstances of the child’s entry onto the Iranian Airlines plane, as the director of Najaf International Airport, Hikmat Ahmed, announced this news to news agencies.
The Najaf airport authorities in southern Iraq also announced that they would reconsider their security procedures
But by referring to the surveillance cameras, they found that the child was waiting to enter or pass after capture, and he was going behind them in a trick so that he would not be noticed alone by the airport security men... until he was able to penetrate the entire airport until he reached the plane heading to Iran. There he was discovered and they took him off the plane.
Therefore, the surveillance cameras monitored all the child’s movements from the airport gate until he boarded the plane in a smart and highly technical manner, as if he had received good training for that. Therefore, some sources stated that the child’s trick was
Genius indeed
Najaf Airport is the second largest airport in Iraq. It receives hundreds of thousands of passengers every year, and in 2019, that is, before the Corona virus pandemic, this airport received 2.5 million passengers, according to announced official statistics.
As for the incident of this genius child, Hikmat Ahmed, Director of Najaf International Airport, said, “Currently, investigative committees are working to find out the truth about what happened.” In light of this, everyone who negligently acted in this incident will be punished, expelled and transferred.”
The statement also stated that "although the child crossed the security lines, his entry did not cause any danger because he underwent all the relevant checkpoints."
He continued that the child was able to “pass these stages because he is a child, and he integrated with the crowds of travelers.

This is all that happened in this incident, which is the first of its kind
We hope that the Iraqi media will host this child to conduct a video interview with him so that he can talk about what he did and about his plan to infiltrate the airport in this smart and ingenious way... and about the steadfastness with which he appeared as if he was doing something normal that he does every day and why he chose the plane heading towards To Iran specifically, but in any case, what he did and what he intended was wrong, but we have to contain this child and talk to him. We are in dire need of these mentalities.

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