Aid from the Arab world between victory and bombing

Despite the tense situation and the large number of martyrs who fall every day, Egypt's efforts to bring in aid have reached their final stage.

Aid from the Arab world between victory and bombing

For a period of the past, we were all hoping that the crossing would be opened to bring in aid to the people of Palestine, and there were major negotiations between Egypt and America, the first of which was that the crossing would be opened, American nationals would exit, and aid would enter, but Israel had another opinion, and the bombing continued, and there were attempts to strike the crossing unless a hospital was targeted. Baptist, fate had a different opinion and the matter turned upside down. US President Biden stated in agreement with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to open the crossing to bring 20 aid trucks into Palestine. In one of the Hebrew sites specifically, the Gersim site, and the Western one in general, said that with this American pressure to break the isolation began to bear fruit, but there are many fears from the Egyptian and Israeli side about the bombing of those trucks, and the matter has increased to the point through social media sites, that it is possible that the trucks will be bombed, and it is said that the reason is In this regard, it is Hamas, but if we analyze that matter, we will find: In times of war, everything is possible, but there are other dimensions that prevent that bombing, and dimensions that say that it is possible that an agreement may first be reached between President Sisi and Biden on the entry of trucks, especially since Biden is a supporter of Israel. They are agreements between countries and Biden did not make that decision until after returning to Israel. If Israel bombed the trucks, it would remove Biden from the picture. Secondly, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s speech yesterday carried hidden messages directed that whoever tries to destabilize Egypt’s security will end any peace agreement between countries, and that peace is what Israel seeks with the world, in addition to when he said, “If you tell the people to go out to the squares, express their opinion and they will understand.” 105 One million, so the message has arrived. If we talk about the other dimensions and justifications for bombing trucks, it is possible for Israel to say that it was a wrong strike during the bombing and exchange of strikes. There are other statements that say that those trucks were for Hamas and not for civilians. If Israel bombs the trucks, it will open more than one front in front of it, and it will be the beginning of another turn of the war.

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