Apple Plans Thinner iPhones, MacBooks, and Watches

Apple aims for thinner iPhones, MacBooks, and Watches.

Apple Plans Thinner iPhones, MacBooks, and Watches
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Apple continues to push the boundaries of technology design, aiming to make its products sleeker and more aesthetically appealing. According to reports from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and The Information, Apple is planning to introduce thinner iPhones, MacBooks, and Apple Watches in the near future.

Apple's Ambitious Plans

Apple’s relentless pursuit of slimmer devices began with the iPad Pro, but the tech giant has no intention of stopping there. The latest rumors suggest that Apple is working on making its other flagship products thinner as well.

Details on Thinner Devices

Thinner iPhones

Rumored to be part of the iPhone 17 lineup, the new thinner iPhones are expected to hit the market as early as 2025. This design evolution follows the trend set by previous models, such as the iPhone X, which introduced significant design changes including the removal of the home button. However, these advancements might come with a higher price tag, similar to past releases.

Slimmer MacBooks

Apple’s MacBook series is also expected to undergo a transformation. The company aims to create a sleeker and more portable MacBook Pro, appealing to professionals who value both performance and design. This move is likely to strengthen Apple’s position in the competitive laptop market, where design and functionality are crucial.

Sleeker Apple Watches

In addition to phones and laptops, Apple Watches are also slated for a redesign. The new models are expected to be thinner, offering users a more comfortable and stylish wearable experience. This change aligns with Apple’s continuous efforts to enhance the usability and appeal of its smartwatches.

Potential Impact and Pricing

While the prospect of thinner devices is exciting, it also raises questions about pricing. Historically, Apple has introduced higher prices with major design changes. The anticipated thinner iPhone 17 and other devices might follow this trend, potentially leading to higher costs for consumers.


Apple's ambitious plans to create thinner iPhones, MacBooks, and Watches signify its commitment to innovation and design excellence. As these devices become more streamlined, users can expect a blend of cutting-edge technology and sophisticated aesthetics, albeit at a potentially higher price point.


When will the thinner iPhones be released?

The thinner iPhones are rumored to be part of the iPhone 17 lineup, expected to be released in 2025.

Will the new devices be more expensive?

Based on previous trends, the new thinner devices are likely to be more expensive due to the advanced technology and design improvements.

What other Apple products are getting thinner?

In addition to iPhones, Apple is also planning to release thinner MacBooks and Apple Watches.

Why is Apple making its devices thinner?

Apple aims to enhance the portability, usability, and aesthetic appeal of its products by making them thinner.

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