The Impact of Arming Settlers in Israel: A Comprehensive Analysis

The Israeli Minister of National Security Ben Gvir attacked the head of weapons Licensing Division in the ministry after he announced his resignation

The Impact of Arming Settlers in Israel: A Comprehensive Analysis

According to the newspaper "Israel Today", Ben Gvir indicated that he is working to adhere to the standards for distributing licenses, pointing out that he was the one who dismissed the head of the division, Yisrael Avisar, indicating that more than 260,000 Israelis have applied for licenses to carry weapons since last October 7 in the wake of The outbreak of the Al-Aqsa Flood operation.
The head of the Weapons Licensing Department at the Ministry of National Security submitted his resignation last Monday in light of his objection to the licensing regulations implemented during the era of Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, which facilitate carrying weapons in Israel. The resignation came after 6 years of his work in this position. Avisar resigned after two sessions of the Oversight Committee in the Knesset, which listened to the method of granting weapons to individuals, and it became clear that the weapons were given to a number of figures close to the far-right Minister Ben Gvir, and the Ministry of National Security commented with a statement in which it said: “Whoever does not continue to implement the policy according to the minister’s instructions.” ...) and is under pressure from attacks from the left in various committees, he cannot continue as head of the Firearms Department.”
The resigned objected to giving weapons to a large number without fulfilling the various conditions, including conducting personal interviews to identify the applicant who carries this weapon, but due to the Israeli war on Gaza, it was allowed to give weapons without an interview, and after the objections, he scheduled telephone interviews instead of personal meetings to agree to give the weapons.

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