Broken Mirror

Broken Mirror

Look at the mirror well, look at all your details deeply

Yes you are very beautiful, everything in you is beautiful

your eyes your hair your body your smile,everything is beautiful

But mirrors any mirrors can to show what is inside you?

There is no magical mirror,It's just fairy tales for children before bedtime,look back at your mirror,I know you still can not see anything inside you

There are no mirrors that make you see the ugliness that inside you, We are all very beautiful from the outside,but we are uglier and dirtiest than inside we are destitute conscience and feeling, we are all liars and spiteful, we are all cheaters, we all hate everything in order to love ourselves only, we are all patients we need psychological treatment for long periods,we are all selfish,we never look for anything but what pleases us, we always climb up above dead bodies,we are all criminals in the eyes of ourselves before anyone else

we all really want to change, but changing clothes, hairstyle, make-up etc and no one ever wants to change from the inside, no one dares to did that

Then what next?

I think the end is not close until everything is over from here we will continue in this mess for a long time will continue this comic play for a long time and perhaps forever,

Look at your mirror every day, you are still very beautiful and sexy, but always remember that you are from inside like the monster that we hear about in Greek mythology,you are a monster no less fierce and savage than any real beast

always remember that there are no mirrors that make you see yourself inside,and if there is,i swear will be a broken mirror,and no one can see clearly.

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