USC vs. UConn: A Historic Clash in the NCAA Elite Eight

seeded women's basketball team faces No. 3 seed UConn in a pivotal NCAA Elite Eight match-up, marking a historic battle for a Final Four spot

USC vs. UConn: A Historic Clash in the NCAA Elite Eight
  1. Introduction

    • Overview of the match-up between USC and UConn in the NCAA Elite Eight.
    • Historical context of both teams' journeys.
  2. The Road to the Elite Eight

    • USC's first No. 1 seed since 1986 and journey through the tournament.
    • UConn's path as a No. 3 seed and their season highlights.
  3. Head-to-Head: USC vs. UConn

    • Historical series record and past meetings.
    • Key players to watch and strategic match-ups.
  4. USC's Season Overview

    • Highlighting USC's achievements, including their top seed and national rankings.
    • Coach Lindsay Gottlieb's impact and key player performances.
  5. UConn's Path to Success

    • Overview of UConn's season, their strategic advantages, and coaching leadership.
    • Player spotlights and season-defining moments.
  6. What's at Stake: The Battle for the Final Four

    • The significance of advancing to the Final Four in Cleveland.
    • The potential impact on college basketball's landscape.
  7. Expert Predictions and Analysis

    • Insights from analysts and predictions based on team dynamics and season performances.
  8. How to Follow the Game

    • Information on TV coverage, live stats, and how to stream the game online.
  9. Conclusion

    • Recap of the anticipation surrounding the game and what it means for both teams.
  10. FAQs

    • Address common questions about the match-up, teams' histories, and player highlights.

USC vs. UConn: A Historic Clash in the NCAA Elite Eight


On April 1st, 2024, the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon, will be the battleground for a historic NCAA Elite Eight clash between the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of Connecticut (UConn). For the first time since 1986, USC has claimed a No. 1 seed, showcasing a season of dominance and resilience. They face a formidable opponent in the No. 3 seeded UConn Huskies, a team with a storied legacy and an equally compelling path to the Elite Eight.

The Road to the Elite Eight

USC's journey has been remarkable, achieving a 29-5 record and securing their first No. 1 seed in decades. Their path to this point included a nail-biting victory over Baylor in the Sweet 16. UConn, with a 32-5 record, has demonstrated why they remain perennial contenders, securing their place in the Elite Eight with a series of impressive wins.

Head-to-Head: USC vs. UConn

The historical match-up data between these two titans is scant but significant, with UConn leading the series 2-0. Their last meeting in 2004 was a close battle, hinting at the competitive fire that will surely define their upcoming encounter. Key players from both teams are poised to make this a memorable clash.

USC's Season Overview

Under the leadership of Coach Lindsay Gottlieb, USC has not just broken records but shattered expectations. Achieving a No. 3 national ranking and a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament highlights their stellar season. Key players like JuJu Watkins have been central to USC's success, with Watkins setting records and earning accolades as a First Team All-American.

UConn's Path to Success

UConn's season, guided by their experienced coaching staff, has been a testament to their enduring excellence in women's college basketball. Their journey to the Elite Eight has been marked by strategic victories and standout performances, setting the stage for a thrilling encounter with USC.

What's at Stake: The Battle for the Final Four

The victor of this Elite Eight showdown will advance to the Final Four in Cleveland, a step closer to the ultimate prize in college basketball. This game is not just a match-up between two teams; it's a battle for legacy, pride, and a spot in history.

Expert Predictions and Analysis

Analysts predict a tightly contested game, with USC's historic season and UConn's championship pedigree making this a too-close-to-call encounter. Key match-ups on the court and strategic coaching decisions will likely be the deciding factors.

How to Follow the Game

Fans can catch the action live on ESPN, with comprehensive coverage starting at 6:15 p.m. PT. Live stats and streaming options are available for those unable to attend in person, ensuring no one misses out on this historic battle.


As USC and UConn prepare to face off in the NCAA Elite Eight, the anticipation among fans and players alike is palpable. This game is more than a step towards the Final Four; it's a showcase of the best in women's college basketball. Regardless of the outcome, history will be made at the Moda Center.


  • Q: When was the last time USC was a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament? A: USC last claimed a No. 1 seed in 1986.

  • Q: How many national titles has USC won in NCAA competition? A: USC has won two national titles, in 1983 and 1984.

  • Q: How can fans watch the USC vs. UConn game? A: The game will be broadcast live on ESPN and can be streamed at and the USC Trojans GameDay app.

  • Q: Who are the players to watch in the upcoming game? A: For USC, JuJu Watkins and for UConn, their leading scorer and playmakers will be key to their respective teams' success.

This clash between USC and UConn in the NCAA Elite Eight is not just a game; it's a moment in women's college basketball history. As both teams prepare for battle, the excitement and anticipation continue to build.

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