LG Unveils 2024 OLED TV Lineup: Brighter, Better at $1,500

LG's 2024 OLED TV lineup, including the highly anticipated G4 and C4 series. Starting at $1,500, discover brighter displays

LG Unveils 2024 OLED TV Lineup: Brighter, Better at $1,500

LG's Stunning 2024 OLED TVs Unveiled: A New Vision in Home Entertainment

LG is set to redefine the home entertainment experience with the launch of its 2024 OLED TV lineup next month, starting at an accessible price point of $1,500. These cutting-edge models, the G4 and C4 series, are poised to succeed LG's highly acclaimed 2023 offerings, promising even brighter and more vivid viewing experiences. With the announcement of the pricing for these eagerly anticipated models, LG continues to lead the high-end TV market with innovations that set new standards in visual excellence.

Discover LG's groundbreaking 2024 OLED TV lineup, featuring the brighter G4 and C4 series starting at $1,500. Experience unparalleled picture quality and color in your home entertainment.

A Glimpse into LG's 2024 OLED TV Innovations

LG's announcement on Wednesday revealed the pricing for its newest OLED TVs, the G4 and C4 models, which are set to become available in March. The launch of these models marks a significant moment for enthusiasts of high-end home entertainment systems, with the 42-inch C4 series model being the most budget-friendly option at $1,500.

This lineup is not just about continuing the legacy of its predecessors, the G3 and C3 models, but about pushing the boundaries of what OLED technology can achieve in terms of brightness and color accuracy. The G4 series, in particular, is heralded as the brightest OLED TV to hit the market in 2024, promising a slight edge over the G3 in brightness and color improvements. Similarly, the C4 series is expected to outshine its predecessor, the C3, with enhancements in brightness.

LG 2024 OLED TV Pricing and Availability

The pricing structure for the 2024 models, as listed on LG's website, ranges from the most affordable 42-inch C4 series at $1,500 to the premium 97-inch G4 model at $25,000, available in March. Here's a closer look at the pricing and availability for each model:

  • G4 Series: Ranging from the 55-inch model at $2,600 to the expansive 97-inch model at $25,000.
  • C4 Series: Offering a variety of sizes from the compact 42-inch at $1,500 to the 83-inch model at $5,400.

The initial pricing for these models is slightly higher than their 2023 counterparts, adhering to the typical cyclical nature of TV pricing, which usually sees a drop as the year progresses.

Revolutionizing the Viewing Experience

LG's decision to reintroduce the 97-inch option with the G4 series, a size not available since the G2, emphasizes the brand's commitment to providing consumers with a broad range of premium viewing options. Although the $25,000 price tag places it at the pinnacle of the market, it underscores LG's dedication to pushing the limits of technology and design.

Anticipation Builds for In-Depth Reviews

Having previewed the C4 and G4 models at CES 2024, the anticipation for thorough testing and comparison against other high-end OLED TVs, such as those from Samsung, is high. While we await the opportunity to conduct in-depth reviews in our CNET lab, the C3 series remains our top recommendation for those in search of the best high-end TV currently available.


LG's 2024 OLED TV lineup represents not just a step forward in technological innovation but a leap towards redefining the essence of home entertainment. With the G4 and C4 series, LG continues to cement its position as a leader in the high-end TV market, offering consumers unparalleled visual experiences. As these models hit the shelves next month, they are set to captivate audiences with their exceptional brightness, color accuracy, and cutting-edge design.


  • What makes the LG 2024 OLED TVs stand out? The LG 2024 OLED TVs stand out for their enhanced brightness and color accuracy, with the G4 series being the brightest OLED TV on the market in 2024.

  • When will the LG 2024 OLED TVs be available? The G4 and C4 models will be available in March 2024.

  • How much does the LG 2024 OLED TV lineup cost? Prices start at $1,500 for the 42-inch C4 series, with the premium 97-inch G4 model priced at $25,000.

  • Which LG OLED TV model is recommended currently? The C3 series remains highly recommended as the best high-end TV option available today.

  • Are there significant improvements in the 2024 models compared to their predecessors? Yes, the 2024 models feature significant improvements in brightness and color accuracy compared to the G3 and C3 series.

  • What sizes are available in the LG 2024 OLED TV lineup? The lineup offers a variety of sizes, from the compact 42-inch model to the expansive 97-inch option.

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