Cancel the concert permanently

International Moroccan star Saad Lamjarred was scheduled to give a concert yesterday, his first in Iraq, in the tourist city of Sinbad Land in the capital

Cancel the concert permanently

Before the scheduled date of the ceremony, armed factions and demonstrators put pressure on the organizers of the ceremony to cancel it

In scenes similar to action movies, hundreds of young men and clerics stormed the “Sinbad Land” tourist city in the capital, Baghdad, to prevent the Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred from holding a concert.
On Thursday evening, the administration of the Sinbad Land tourist city in Baghdad canceled the concert scheduled to be held by Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred, after gunmen stormed the concert venue.
The "controversial" star was scheduled to give a concert, his first in Iraq, on Thursday, in the city of Sinbad Land, east of the capital, Baghdad.
Hundreds of opponents, led by clerics, gathered in front of the tourist city and raised banners against holding the ceremony

Some demonstrators tried to storm this tourist city, but the riot police were able to repel them
The management of "Sinbad Land" had announced that tickets for the concert had sold out earlier, after a large public turnout, and then announced the cancellation of the concert at gunpoint from extremist groups and demonstrations that led to many riots and violence.
These developments come as some armed factions and extremist groups repeatedly press for the cancellation of artistic and singing concerts, claiming that they coincide with religious celebrations, or that they violate the prevailing norms in Iraqi society or religious teachings, as they claim.
It is noteworthy that "Sinbad Land" is considered one of the largest gaming cities in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and it is also the first to hold concerts performed by prominent Arab artists.

A large campaign spread to stop the concert a few days ago, by two parties, the first of which is the armed factions and demonstrators among its supporters, demanding the cancellation of the artistic and singing concerts, claiming that they coincide with religious celebrations, or that they violate the prevailing customs and religious teachings in Iraq.
As for the second party, it fought the idea of Baghdad receiving Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred, after charges of rape and harassment
Which was previously attributed to her

But on the other hand
This news did not go unnoticed by social media pioneers, as videos and photos topped the trend on Facebook, Twitter and others, and opinions were divided between supporters and opponents of what the demonstrators did to cancel the concert.
There were many tweets commenting on what happened, but we will mention a few of them
The journalist Fahd Al-Hashemi tweeted
Saad Lamjarred’s concert was canceled permanently in Baghdad. Why did they deprive his fans who had bought all the concert tickets? Saad went to sing and present art to his fans. It is a shame. We wish him safety

An Iraqi citizen named:
“Ahmed Al-Falahi” said in his tweet: “Why don’t you storm Parliament to object to the corruption of MPs? Why don’t you storm one of the corrupt state ministries to expose its corruption? Saad’s singing just for another matter. Talk to me about your storming of the concert and your silence about the storming of administrative corruption? Who is the first to sing or not? The people's looted money? The issue has become more severe? What's wrong with you, how do you govern Iraq?

On the other hand, Saeed Shabib also said on Twitter: “What happens after the cancellation of Saad Lamjarred’s concert in Iraq? Is the story the story of an artist? Or a story of prevention in an era of openness and acceptance of the other no matter who he is?”

As for Zainab, she said: “Iraq is known for its good hospitality and generosity, which has become no longer representative of Iraq.”

On the other hand, a press statement was also issued by Saad Lamjarred’s media office in this regard, which stated:
The media office of the artist Saad Lamjarred informs public opinion of the details of the cancellation of the concert that was scheduled to be held on the evening of Thursday, June 9, in Sinbad Land Park in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. The matter is related to a gathering of people who reject art and singing in Iraq.
After these people attempted to storm the concert venue, despite the Iraqi authorities confronting them, Saad Lamjarred’s business management decided to cancel the concert in order to preserve the safety of our audience, the organizer, and the work team.
Saad Lamjarred’s business management says in this regard: “We thank the Iraqi authorities for their tremendous work in securing the concert, but we cannot risk our dear Iraqi audience in the face of the extremist positions of some towards everything related to art.”

Saad Lamjarred made his first comment after canceling the concert via a “story” on his Instagram account by sharing a picture with his brother, and wrote on it, “Iraq loves you no matter what happens. We are sending you a lot of love from Baghdad. We are very happy.”

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