Crime in the capital, Sanaa

What we will tell you about now will make you reconsider the horror and action movies that you always used to watch You will discover that reality is scarier

Crime in the capital, Sanaa

What we will tell you about now will make you reconsider the horror and action movies that you always used to watch.. You will discover that reality is much scarier.

The police of Al-Hadda District in Dhamar Governorate, about 130 kilometers south of the airport in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, revealed details of a horrific and heinous crime, where a woman killed her husband and burned his body in the oven.

The directorate's police explained that the woman called Maryam Nasser, who was 25 years old, killed her husband, Badr Muhammad, who was 25 years old. According to the "Aden Al-Ghad" website, the Yemeni police explained the details of this horrific crime, as the woman killed her husband by directing He was stabbed several times with a white weapon (a sharp knife) in different parts of his body, slaughtering him, completely separating his head after he died, mutilating his body, cutting off the limbs and putting them in the oven to burn them, according to what the Yemeni Ministry of Interior published on Monday, 2013.
June 6th
The police indicated that the wife attempted to commit suicide after committing her crime, by drinking large doses of a deadly insecticide
According to the Emirati newspaper Al-Khaleej
The police had moved immediately to the crime scene after informing the Public Prosecution, accompanied by members of the Bureau of Investigation and Criminal Evidence, where the accused was transferred to the hospital, and the Public Prosecution ordered her to be detained until her health condition stabilized so that she could be investigated and brought to justice to receive the punishment she deserved.
Security sources said that the woman committed the murder “due to family disputes between the spouses.”
Commenting on this heinous crime, some specialists from inside and outside Yemen said that such crimes are alien to Yemeni society, and it is possible that because of the war that began in Yemen and has continued for years until now, it is one of the strong reasons for the reshaping of awareness among citizens. Therefore, we see between From time to time we see heinous crimes like this one, which was committed by a woman who was only 25 years old, and it showed the extent of the violence and anger that lay inside her until he pushed her to kill him, then cut his body, separated her head, put it inside the oven, and then tried to kill herself..
Yes, indeed, these are stories that we see even in the ugliest, most violent and bloody horror films. We will wait for what the court does with that girl and what sentence she will receive.

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