UK May Need Volunteer Citizen Army Amid NATO-Russia Tensions, Says Expert

The UK will probably need to have a citizen volunteer army in the future as NATO faces the threat of war with Russia - but conscription remains unlikely, a Sky News military analyst has said.

UK May Need Volunteer Citizen Army Amid NATO-Russia Tensions, Says Expert

As tensions rise between NATO and Russia, the United Kingdom may need to consider forming a volunteer citizen army, according to Sky News military analyst Professor Michael Clarke. This statement follows remarks by the head of the British Army about the necessity of training UK citizens for potential conflict.

The Need for a Larger Army General Sir Patrick Sanders, in a recent speech at the International Armoured Vehicles conference in West London, emphasized the urgency for the UK to expand its army size. He proposed increasing the army's strength to approximately 120,000 within the next three years, a significant rise from the current force of around 74,000.

Conscription Unlikely, Volunteer Force Probable Contrary to concerns about conscription, Professor Clarke, in the Sky News Daily podcast, clarified that the UK might need to revert to a "citizen army" model. However, he differentiated this from conscription, highlighting the historical precedence of a citizen volunteer army in the UK and suggesting its likely re-emergence in the face of current geopolitical challenges.

International Context and Implications This development comes amidst growing concerns over the potential of a war involving NATO and Russian forces. The UK, a key NATO member, faces the challenge of preparing for such eventualities. The statements by both General Sanders and Professor Clarke underscore the changing dynamics of military preparedness in an increasingly volatile global environment.

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