The war has begun... Palestine regains its land

A shocking and unprecedented attack in 50 years by the resistance from Gaza on Israel, and Tel Aviv is “preparing for war”

The war has begun... Palestine regains its land

Since this morning, at 6:30 am, the Palestinian forces launched an attack that was unprecedented in more than 50 years. The attack was by land, sea and air.
The forces were able to storm Israeli military settlements and control the weapons and ammunition stores that were used to control more than 20 Israeli settlements. This was announced by the Israeli army, as it admitted in an official statement a short while ago, with more than 300 dead and 1,700 wounded, including those in serious condition. To death, after witnessing the first hours of this morning a bloody battle between the two sides from zero distance, and Israeli helicopters were shot down with anti-aircraft missiles. Some Palestinian fighting forces also announced the capture of more than 250 prisoners and some tanks and various military pieces, according to what was officially announced before. The Israeli side, which prompted it to withdraw all civilian Israeli forces, declared a state of emergency throughout the country, and the army descended to control the situation, which became out of control after the sky was filled with more than 3,000 rockets fired by Hamas deep into Tel Aviv.
The Israeli army also announced the killing of the commander of the Israeli depth forces and the capture of some military generals...
Since the war began, the Palestinian chants of “God is great” have not stopped... God is great
We are recalling the spirit of the Great October War, despite the warning of the Israeli government and army in response to this
Attacks, threatening to strike all places where Hamas forces are present, even if they are among unarmed civilians
She did not take a step back... The war has begun and will not return until the entire land is destroyed.

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