Future technology and distant past

To those who know the truth the current world seems to them to be a pale shadow that struts across the stage, playing its limited role and then disappears

Future technology and distant past

They feel that compared to what was known and understood about our true reality here on Earth, our modern human society will seem like just a ridiculous story told by a dreamer... so meaningless and meaningless, that in the background of human existence on this planet there is a very great, very elegant past. So much so that comprehending the idea of its existence was considered a huge leap in logical thinking that only a few dared to take before the middle of the twentieth century. The legends told by the ancient manuscripts and discovered antiquities were so amazing even to the people of the twenty-first century, that most of us still refuse to believe... How could such a civilization actually exist in that distant past?????
Perhaps the nature of these same proofs will create an actual revolution in technology and the way of human thinking in our current civilization... The inhabitants of that ancient civilization had a deep and direct understanding of existence, the universe, the universal mind and its working mechanism. This deep knowledge was so practical that it was invested in creating great technologies to the point that even Today, for us, it exceeds everything we can imagine or comprehend, and of course without the knowledge of the spiritual successor to the scientists of that civilization... these great technologies become impossible to apply... and during our exploratory journey into this wonderful world, we will discover the secrets behind the creation of many technologies, such as machines that generate unlimited free energy. .. Anti-gravity systems .. Super propulsion systems faster than light .. Devices and machines that interact with human consciousness and without this interaction they cannot work!!!!
The golden age of current and future technology already existed on this planet more than 12,000 years ago. You will find proof that those ancient civilizations were familiar with advanced technologies and sciences and many other secrets and used them in a more effective and more spiritual way than we can dream of today... and despite In all of this, the official "archeology and history" institutions are still fabricating fictitious stories and calling them established facts, simply ignoring all of the enormous evidence and evidence that proves: they are completely wrong.
Many secrets about our true past have been obscured, falsified, and hidden

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