History of the siege of Jerusalem

Between Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi and World War II, the history of the siege of Jerusalem, and the history of the conquest

The disaster of World War II is still considered one of the largest human disasters to date, a war that claimed the lives of approximately 2% of the population of this planet. It is considered the worst war in history in terms of the number of victims, which amounted to about 85 million people. This war lasted from September 1, 1939 until September 2, 1945. But before the start of World War II, the most important figures central to igniting the conflict appeared in Europe: Adolf Hitler in Germany and Benigno Mussolini in Italy. But the matter did not begin on this date, but rather this conflict began with the end of World War I, where the Germans had to accept all the damage caused to European countries in that war, and the Versailles Treaty included harsh conditions for the Germans that caused the weakness of their economy, which made them feel angry and exploited. This anger was felt by Adolf Hitler himself, and he took advantage of the anger of the German people.

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