Horror Journey... 914

Get ready for this topic because we will go on a trip, or if we can say so, we will travel through time. Imagine that you are traveling on a plane today .

Horror Journey... 914

What's the story?
A strange journey that we have all heard of, and we have always thought that it was made by science fiction writers, but what will shock you is the truth that emerged from it.
Flight 914.
Our topic is about a plane flight, which is a strange and wondrous flight and perhaps the longest flight in the history of modern aviation.
A flight on a plane took off with the intention of landing at a completely different destination. This is not the strangest thing, as the plane landed after 37 years.
how ? Is this a fictional story?
Let's read and travel today on Flight 914.
Flight 914 is a domestic civil flight on a Pan AM aircraft, which is one of the most prominent types of aircraft that provided travel services in that period and which bears the name Pan AM Fly 914.
This flight took off from New York Airport on July 2, 1955, heading to Miami, carrying 57 passengers in addition to the four crew.
The situation was fine, the plane was free of any malfunctions, the weather was clear, and there was nothing indicating a bad atmosphere in the air.
The plane took off from the runway, heading to its destination. The passengers were waiting for the palm trees and clear sea water to appear, but something unexpected happened.
Air traffic controllers lost the plane's signal and the plane completely disappeared from radars. Contact was made with Miami Airport to ensure that the plane had reached its destination, but the answer was no.
The plane was not even detected on the control towers at Miami Airport, and the strangest thing of all is that the plane did not issue any distress calls or even report any technical problem. Communication was suddenly lost and the plane died down without a trace.
Search and rescue operations began along the line that the plane was supposed to travel until no trace of the plane or its wreckage appeared, not even a body of one of the plane's passengers.
The search area expanded and questions increased: Where is the plane wreckage?
Where are the 61 bodies if the plane crashed?
no answer
After a search that lasted more than 3 months, not a shred of anything related to the plane or its passengers was found, leading the authorities to reach the conclusion that the plane fell into the sea and sank with its passengers in a spot that rescue teams could not reach. The victims received compensation from the company 1B. The responsible airline closed the case file.
On the morning of September 9, 1992, air traffic controller Juan de la Corte was doing his usual work in the control tower of Caracas Airport in Venezuela, and without warning, a black spot suddenly appeared on the control screen without having appeared before on the radar screen.
At first, Juan thought that there was a malfunction in the device until the spot started moving towards the airport until Juan and his team saw it clearly.
The surprise was that this spot was nothing but a plane, not any plane, but an old plane that was adopted in the fifties and early sixties. Immediately, Juan picked up a signal from the plane, and this signal was a question directed by the plane’s captain to the control tower.
The question was: Where are we?
Juan asked the captain to introduce himself before he answered his question, and the answer came to him like a thunderbolt. The captain replied, “We are the plane,” Pan American Airlines, Flight No. 914, coming from New York and heading to Miami, with 57 passengers and 4 members of the plane on board.
Juan and his team were amazed.
Firstly, the definition of the plane and its flight are similar to reports that spoke of the disappearance of a plane with the same specifications 37 years ago without being able to find any trace of it.
Secondly, the plane deviated on the wrong path by about 1,800 kilometers from its original course.
Juan asked the captain if they had encountered any problems landing that led to this great confusion, and the answer was no.
Juan gave the captain permission to land, and the plane actually landed, surprising Juan with its foot and the engines in it.
After the plane landed, the captain presented a report that shocked everyone who heard it. The captain reported that the plane was supposed to land at Miami Airport at exactly 9:55 a.m. on July 2, 1955 AD.
After Juan recovered from his shock, he asked the relief teams to head to the plane to contain the travelers' shock when they were told the date.
The rescue teams headed to the plane, and according to reports, the teams on the ground were able to see the faces of the passengers, who in turn were staring at the windows, astonished by what they were seeing.
When Juan saw that everything was under control, he informed the captain that they were in Caracas, Venezuela, and that today was September 9, 1992.
As soon as Juan finished his message, he heard on the radio the captain’s terrified voice screaming, “Oh my God,” and the travelers were screaming in terror after hearing about the year in which they had landed.
When Juan heard the screaming, he asked the rescue teams to intervene to calm the travelers, but something unexpected happened.
The captain asked over the radio the following: “No one is approaching, we are leaving now.” Indeed, the plane’s engines started and crossed its path towards the runway and took off into the sky. According to Juan, the captain did not care about any safety standards and did not even wait for permission to approve the take-off, and what is even stranger than this is this. The plane did not appear at all on the radars at Caracas Airport.
Juan continues that the airport immediately sent three planes to pursue the plane, but the plane disappeared without leaving any trace other than an annual calendar placed in the pocket.
According to accounts, the plane's captain threw him before take-off.
What is terrifying is that this calendar dates back to the year 1955 AD.
So the plane took off again and disappeared again.
According to accounts published on more than one website, the plane arrived in Miami as planned 37 years ago, to the astonishment of all airport employees.
After questions and investigations, the authorities had no choice but to allow the passengers to return to their homes and meet their families. The surprise was that the passengers were the same age and appearance as they had traveled 37 years ago, without having aged a single year. As for the plane crew and passengers, they did not answer any questions other than They were on the plane heading from New York to Miami in 1955 AD.
to Here the story ended without any clarification from the security authorities alike, and questions began to appear as the story spread widely on the media and social media.
Did this incident really happen?
If true, where was the plane during the 37 years?
How did the time factor affect travelers and passengers alike?
Research and analyzes have begun to be published in an attempt to solve the mystery of this incident. Hypotheses have varied, and some of you may not believe them, one of which may not be believed.
- The first hypothesis:
The theory of time travel: According to an article published on a website, this plane may have passed through a time tunnel or wormhole, which led to it traveling for 37 years and landing in Caracas, Venezuela, instead of Miami, and then returning to the same wormhole to Miami.
This theory has received severe criticism because, in principle, there is no evidence of the validity of time travel or time tunnels, and according to opponents of this theory, the plane actually passed through a time tunnel or wormhole that brought it to Venezuela after 37 years, and then it returned to the bottom of the wormhole. It was rather intended to reach Miami. In the same year, 1955 AD, not 37 years later.
It's not logical
The second theory:
This theory was linked to the Bermuda Triangle, and according to one of the famous websites, it is a theory that strongly supports and explains what happened. According to the website, the plane crossed over the Bermuda Triangle and was exposed to something incomprehensible there that led to it covering this temporal and spatial distance in this way.
Of course, the plane was not harmed, while most Bermuda accidents ended with the destruction of planes or ships, either completely or partially, and their complete disappearance without return.
No similar matter has been reported in incidents involving Bermuda.
A strange thing happened then.
Our alien friends must be involved in the matter. Those who believe in other worlds in space linked the matter to the fact that the plane had been hijacked by aliens, and they even attempted to link the appearance of flying saucers at the same time as the plane’s disappearance, but the attempts, of course, failed, blowing up the matter from its foundations.
Those who believe in the theory of government conspiracies claimed that the matter was one of the experiments of the American government, and they specifically linked the matter to an area famous for its mystery, which is the famous Area 51, which we discussed at the beginning of the book. Of course, the theory, like other theories, did not find support, especially since the subject of this area is still mysterious and controversial. Between the government's statements and the opinions of supporters.
So where did the story come from and what is the secret? Read the following:
After many investigations and diligent attempts to uncover the circumstances of the incident, what could be considered the most logical explanation for what happened emerged, as it was reported that the first mention of this incident before the news of it spread in such a large way was through an article by a newspaper called Weekly Work News, as this newspaper was established in 1979 AD. At the hands of Generoso Pope, this newspaper continued to be printed in black and white, and it was famous for presenting more than one topic devoid of credibility. Despite this, this newspaper enjoyed wide circulation.
Some of its topics occupied the forefront regarding the things that Americans read, including Batboy, aliens, and the topic of Flight 914, as this newspaper continued as a paper newspaper until 2007 AD until it stopped for two years before it was reissued as a digital newspaper via the Internet.
Websites concerned with displaying fake facts conducted the necessary investigations and returned the following analysis:
The roots of the story go back to 1985 AD, in an article published in the Weekly News newspaper that talked about the Flight 914 incident. This article was written by an unknown writer named Eddie Clontz, who edited the newspaper until 2001 AD. Then the newspaper republished the story twice, in 1993 AD and 1999 AD, for several matters. I confirmed to the investigators that the story may be fabricated. The first is that every time the newspaper republishes the story and changes the date on which the plane landed at Caracas Airport, it is sometimes in the year 1985 AD, then it moves to the year 1990 AD, and then settles in the year 1992 AD.
Then comes the pictures that were used for the plane, as these pictures are not of a Pan Am plane, but rather of a DC-4 plane used around 1935 AD.
The newspaper changed Juan's picture in every article, which strengthened the hypothesis that the story was the writer's imagination. The investigators completed their investigations and were able to access American civil aviation records. They were surprised that there was no mention of this flight in the records of investigations into aviation accidents between the years 1934 AD and 1965 AD.
Despite this, the controversy remained, especially with the news of the spread of the calendar dating back to the year 1955 AD, which some confirmed its existence while others denied, and investigations were unable to prove the validity of the calendar or not.
So all hypotheses remain valid regarding the strangest flight in the history of aviation, which is Flight 914.
This is all the information about the strange trip that you heard about.
From the flight that took 37 years to reach its final stop, to the strange things that happened, to the various theories that researchers tried to explain what happened to the plane.
Questions remain:
Did Flight 914 really happen?
Is it reasonable that time travel and the accompanying terms are real, and this journey is the best evidence of it?
What about aliens?
Conspiracy theories?
Bermuda Triangle ?
Is it possible that someone could have caused this plane to disappear for 37 years?
What about the newspaper that is said to have fabricated the whole thing?
Is it possible that the obsession with fame could reach the point of fabricating such strange news in a way that raises public opinion, mocking the minds of readers, and publishing it more than once?
What about the calendar dating back to the year in which the plane disappeared? Is it also an invented story or a fait accompli?
Finally, what about you, readers, if we are talking in the world of imagination or reality, especially today in light of what is spreading on social networking sites of people claiming to be in other times, either in the future or in the past?
Do you really think that some governments are hiding from us mysterious experiments whose results are unbelievable to any reasonable person?
nobody knows !

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