Instead of a Death Sentence, I Got a Second Chance: Dolph Lundgren's Inspiring Journey

At the age of 66, Dolph Lundgren's life took an unexpected turn. In 2015, a tumor was discovered in one of his kidneys. Following a biopsy, the devastating news came in: it was kidney cancer. The tumor was successfully removed

Instead of a Death Sentence, I Got a Second Chance: Dolph Lundgren's Inspiring Journey

everything looked promising after the surgery. He underwent regular check-ups every six months for a couple of years, eventually spacing them out to once a year. For five years, everything seemed calm.

However, during the summer of 2020, while visiting Sweden, Dolph's health deteriorated. A subsequent MRI revealed a spread of the kidney cancer with six new tumors in the same area as the original one.

The Tough Road of Treatment

Back in the USA, while preparing to direct and star in a film in Alabama, Dolph received more bad news: a tumor was found in his liver too.

The rapid growth of the liver tumor made surgery impractical. Instead, he began chemotherapy, but the side effects were immediate and severe. Dolph struggled with digestive issues, significant weight loss, and sores that made eating difficult – a challenging period for him, his fiancée Emma, and his children from a previous marriage, Ida and Greta.

Facing Major Hollywood Projects

In the fall of 2021, Dolph was set to begin shooting two major Hollywood productions – "Expendables 4" and "Aquaman" – in London. Surprisingly, he hadn't heard from his Los Angeles doctors for six months, leading him to believe that they thought nothing more could be done.

Despite the grim outlook, Dolph reflected on his life positively, feeling grateful for the experiences he'd had.

A Fortunate Second Opinion

While in London, Dolph sought a second opinion from Dr. Alexandra Drakaki. She discovered a genetic mutation commonly associated with ALK-positive cancer, typically found in lung cancer patients but also present in other cancers.

A Turnaround in Treatment

This discovery led to a new treatment approach, treating Dolph's kidney cancer as if it were lung cancer. Within three months, the largest tumor had shrunk by 30%, and by 2022, the tumors had reduced by about 90%. An operation is now planned to remove the scar tissue from the tumors.

Appreciating Life More Than Ever

As an actor, Dolph has always aimed to spread positivity and joy. Now, he cherishes life more than ever, valuing every moment and the people around him – his family and friends.

Dolph credits his fiancée Emma as the angel sent to help him, and his daughters have been and continue to be a great support system.

For more information on kidney cancer and treatments, visit The American Cancer Society. To learn more about ALK-positive cancer, check out Cancer Research UK.

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