Israel arrested her at the age of 8.. the freed prisoner, Nourhan Awad

Freed prisoner Nourhan Awad said in statements that the joy of her release is indescribable despite the attempts of the occupation forces to spoil the joy

Israel arrested her at the age of 8.. the freed prisoner, Nourhan Awad

adding that the day was tiring due to the long wait for hours before their release and the announcement of their freedom.
Despite the restrictions imposed by the Israeli occupation to prevent weddings, she celebrated with her family and traveled the streets in a car, and the people received her with congratulations and blessings: “Different and difficult feelings, and there were many security restrictions, but my feeling is indescribable, and there is also a mixed feeling because I left behind female prisoners suffering in the occupation prisons.” ».
Since the events of last October 7, prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons have been subjected to security restrictions, and during the years of her detention, which began at the age of eight, Nourhan was not shaken and was able to complete her education. She obtained high school with a grade of 94% and continued her education at Al-Quds Open University, specializing in history, all of that. Despite the restrictions and harassment she was subjected to from the occupation forces, according to what she told Al-Watan.
Samaher Al-Awad, the mother of freed prisoner Nourhan Awad, also said that they had waited a long time for her daughter’s release, and she could not believe her eyes when she saw her: “We were very nervous and I could not believe that my daughter’s salvation was in my hands. She has been in the occupation prisons for more than 8 years, and she will still tell us a lot about her journey.” The tall one, Nourhan, entered as a child and came out as a young woman.”
The prisoner, Nourhan Awad, was arrested in 2015, after she was hit by several bullets in the left thigh, abdomen, and left hand. She entered the Israeli occupation prisons injured, and is still suffering from the effects of her injury until now.

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