Justice Samuel Alito’s Wife Defends Upside-Down American Flag as Signal of Distress

Justice Samuel Alito's wife defended flying an upside-down American flag at their home in January 2021 as a signal of distress.

Justice Samuel Alito’s Wife Defends Upside-Down American Flag as Signal of Distress

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s wife, Martha-Ann Alito, defended the inverted American flag flown at their home in January 2021 as “an international signal of distress.” The incident, reported by The Washington Post, involved a confrontation between the Alitos and a Post reporter outside their Alexandria, Virginia residence on the day of President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Details of the Incident

When the reporter, Robert Barnes, visited to follow up on a tip, the flag was no longer displayed. Martha-Ann Alito demanded the reporter leave their property, yelling, “It’s an international signal of distress!” Justice Alito denied the flag was related to a political protest, attributing it to a neighborhood dispute.

According to The Post, the dispute involved a neighbor who had posted anti-Trump signs. In response, Martha-Ann Alito flew the inverted flag and later replaced it with a novelty flag when confronted by the reporter.

Controversy and Reactions

The New York Times published a photograph showing the inverted flag at the Alitos’ home three days before Biden’s inauguration. Justice Alito explained that the flag was raised by his wife following an argument with a neighbor. The upside-down flag has been a symbol for Trump supporters alleging election fraud.

Additionally, The Times reported that a flag associated with the January 6 Capitol attack was seen at the Alitos’ New Jersey vacation home last summer. These revelations have sparked criticism from both Republican and Democratic lawmakers, with calls for Justice Alito to recuse himself from cases related to Trump and the Capitol attack.

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