Khaled Al Salami: Martyr's Day in the hearts of Emiratis

On this day every year, we exalt the values of redemption, sacrifice, heroism and bravery. That is the day when we gather, men and women

Khaled Al Salami: Martyr's Day in the hearts of Emiratis

to thank and appreciate the nation’s martyrs who sacrificed their lives and blood on the fields of honour. Our heroic martyrs, with their immortal sacrifices, wrote bright, luminous pages in the history of the people of the United Arab Emirates, and they gave their lives in sacrifice for all the values and principles that the founding leader instilled in us. Today, we commemorate and celebrate Martyr’s Day, our most precious national occasion. We recall with great pride their heroism, their exploits, their glories, and their stories of redemption that will continue to be told for generations. We extend all respect, appreciation and gratitude to the mothers of martyrs, the mothers of heroes.
Everyone who lives on the land of this generous nation finds on Martyr’s Day an opportunity to express the deepest feelings of pride and gratitude. This day is not just an occasion in the calendar, but rather a reminder of the sacrifices of our heroes who watered the precious land of the Emirates with their blood.
We, in the United Aab Emiratesr, celebrate Martyr's Day as an expression of loyalty and appreciation to those who sacrificed precious and precious things for the advancement and security of our nation. On this day, we pause at the glorious memories of the martyrs, honor them with all love and respect, and express our solidarity with their families who bore the separation with patience and fortitude.

I feel deeply proud of our leaders who spare no effort in providing all support and care to the families of the martyrs, emphasizing the values of brotherhood and cohesion that embody the spirit of the union. They represent a role model of loyalty and gratitude to those who sacrificed their lives for the nation.
On this day, we see demonstrations of unity and solidarity everywhere, from schools to public places, as everyone expresses their pride in their heritage and national identity. We teach our children the values of courage and heroism. We tell them the stories of the martyrs to instill in their hearts the love of the country and the willingness to sacrifice for its sake.
Martyr's Day embodies for us the meaning of true belonging and loyalty to the homeland. We stand together, united in the face of all challenges, adhering to the principles of pride and dignity that our righteous martyrs taught us. Their memory will always remain in our hearts, and in our history the bright pages of heroism and redemption immortalize them.
On Martyr's Day, we pledge our martyrs and our nation to follow their path, preserving their great legacy, stressing that their sacrifices will not be in vain, but rather will remain a beacon that illuminates the path to the future and motivates us to do more for the advancement and prosperity of the United Arab Emirates.

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