Michael Owen Shares Emotional Journey with Son's Battle Against Stargardt Disease

The ex-footballer and parent says the initial diagnosis of Stargardt disease was a "hammer blow" and there had been a "sad time" thinking about James's future, but his son has a "positive mindset" and out of his four children he is least worried about James's future.

Michael Owen Shares Emotional Journey with Son's Battle Against Stargardt Disease

In a heartfelt revelation, former football star Michael Owen has spoken about his son James' struggle with Stargardt disease, an incurable eye condition, and his wish to do anything to ease his son's challenges.

A Father's Unconditional Love Owen, known for his remarkable career with Liverpool, shared his deep emotional response to his son's diagnosis at the tender age of eight. On BBC's Access All podcast, he expressed his willingness to "swap eyes" with his 17-year-old son if it meant alleviating James's suffering and restoring his vision.

Facing a Life-Altering Diagnosis The diagnosis of Stargardt disease, a degenerative eye condition, was a significant shock for Owen and his family. He described the experience as a "hammer blow," with numerous concerns about James's future prospects and quality of life, including his ability to drive or work.

James Owen's Resilience Despite the challenges, James has shown remarkable resilience and maintains a "positive mindset." His father, Michael Owen, highlights this strength, noting that out of his four children, he is least worried about James's future due to his son's remarkable character and determination.

A Journey of Support and Hope Michael Owen's story sheds light on the emotional journey parents undergo when their children face incurable diseases. His willingness to "pay every cent" and "walk the other end of the world" for his son's wellbeing speaks volumes about a parent's love and the universal hope for advancements in medical treatments.

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