The minister's murderer's son

American media reported the killing of two young Americans, Griffin Cuomo 23 years old and Jonathan Behm 23 years old in the suburbs of California last April.

The minister's murderer's son

An Egyptian young man named Rami Hani Mounir Fahim (26 years old), who works as a data analyst at Orange Company and is the son of the Egyptian Minister in charge of Immigration and Expatriate Affairs, Nabila Makram, was accused of committing the crime. This incident took over many pages in the Egyptian media and in the United States of America.

The history of this case dates back to exactly last April 19, when the American police account, according to what was written by the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram, says that they received a call indicating that a quarrel had taken place in the suburbs of California, specifically inside a luxury residential building called (Student Building).

When the police arrived at the apartment, they found two lifeless bodies. While the minister’s son was present inside the apartment and was suffering from minor injuries.
The two bodies were one of Ramy’s friend at home and the other body was that of his friend at work
The police ordered him to be transferred to the hospital until he recovered from his injuries, but after a certain forensic examination of the scene of the accident, they found a knife stained with blood and on it the marks of the young Egyptian man, Rami Hani Mounir, and with the minor injuries that he was suffering from, the accusations began to swirl around him, and so the authorities ordered his arrest. He was arrested and directly charged with the murder
Among the strong evidence indicating that Rami committed this crime was the publication of a video from the surveillance cameras that were in the buildings in which the crime occurred. Rami appeared in the videos as he was descending from the roofs of the building and it seemed as if he was planning or waiting for something before he went. To the floor in the apartment where the crime occurred

According to some news sources, the public prosecutor in the Orange district, where the young Egyptian man lives, confirmed in a statement that Rami Hani Mounir Fahim is accused of stabbing his first colleague at work, Griffin Cuomo, to death, and then his second colleague, Jonathan Behm, in the room, to death, in their apartment. He added that the two victims worked with him in the same company.
The judiciary charged the Egyptian young man with several charges, most notably “murder, using weapons, and attempting to mislead the authorities,” despite his injury in the altercation that caused the accident.
An American police official who did not reveal his identity, who was quoted by American media, also added that the neighborhood in which Rami Fahim lives is equipped with many cameras and that they took pictures showing the young Egyptian man who was in the neighborhood a few hours before the murder occurred. However, according to court records, Rami Fahim has no previous record of violent crimes in Orange County, where he lives. If the charges against him are proven, the Egyptian young man may face the death penalty
This case sparked many reactions in the Egyptian street after hearing that the minister’s son was facing the death penalty. But so far, the US Supreme Court has not made a final ruling on this incident. While Rami Fahim’s mother is trying to employ all her diplomatic relations, whether inside or outside Egypt, in order to help her son and avoid a possible execution of him.
Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration and Egyptians Abroad, received great support and support in her ordeal that she said she was facing currently, after her son was accused of committing a murder in the United States of America.
The Minister of Immigration received great support and feelings of sympathy from the various sects of the community, minutes after she wrote a post on her personal page on Facebook, in which she responded to what was raised about her son’s involvement in a murder case in the United States of America.
The minister's page was filled with comments and solidarity from a number of politicians, media figures, and members of the House of Representatives and Senate, praying for her to overcome her crisis.
It was announced hours later that he had submitted his resignation to the Prime Minister’s Council and the Presidency of the Republic, but his resignation was rejected.

The minister said through her personal account on Facebook: “My family and I are subjected to a severe ordeal, and we are going through a difficult time as a result of my son being accused of committing a murder in the United States of America. This accusation is pending before an American court and no conclusive ruling has been issued yet. I am carrying out my duties as a minister in the government.” Being an Egyptian mother does not conflict at all with my being a believing mother who courageously faces her son’s plight. Whatever the consequences, as a minister, I bear full responsibility for my position and the requirements of working in it, and I clearly differentiate between what is personal and what is public.

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