Musk partially supports Gaza with the Internet

Unexpectedly, American billionaire Elon Musk, owner of Starlink satellite company, partially responded to activists’ demands to provide Gaza with the Internet.

Musk partially supports Gaza with the Internet

In response to a tweet by Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the US Congress, Musk announced that Starlink will communicate with internationally recognized organizations to provide assistance to the Gaza Strip. He wrote on the “X” website (formerly Twitter), in response to what the congresswoman wrote, who condemned the communications shutdown in Gaza: “Starlink will contact recognized international organizations to provide assistance

A campaign was launched on social media yesterday by activists, especially the website "X" ( formerly Twitter)owned by Mask, requesting supplies to the Gaza Strip, which has been cut off from the Internet and communications since the evening of 27 October 

Musk was supplying Ukraine with the Internet when Russia cut it off during their two-year war

It is worth noting that the X site, owned by the original Canadian businessman, is the most social networking site that does not place restrictions on the opinions of supporters of the Palestinian cause, unlike what Meta does and its sites, which impose huge restrictions on the voices in support of Palestine.

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