Heroic Employee Carries Elderly Customer to Safety Amid Shop Flood

In an act of bravery, a tire shop employee carries an elderly customer to safety during a sudden flood in San Diego

Heroic Employee Carries Elderly Customer to Safety Amid Shop Flood
  1. Introduction

    • Overview of the flooding incident at Evans Tire & Service Centers.
    • Highlight of Joseph Savala's heroic act.
  2. The Incident Unfolds

    • Description of the weather conditions leading up to the flood.
    • Initial reaction to the flooding and measures taken.
  3. A Heroic Gesture

    • Details of how Joseph Savala assisted the elderly customer.
    • Community and customer reaction to the act of kindness.
  4. Damage Control and Recovery

    • Efforts to protect the shop's equipment and inventory.
    • Historical context of flooding at this location and recovery efforts.
  5. The Community's Response

    • Local community and online reactions.
    • Importance of community support in times of crisis.
  6. Conclusion

    • Recap of the event and its significance.
    • Message about the importance of helping others in need.
  7. FAQs

    • Common questions about flood safety and how to help others in similar situations.


In the heart of San Diego's Midway District, a remarkable act of bravery unfolded at Evans Tire & Service Centers amid an unexpected flood. Service advisor Joseph Savala transformed from a regular employee to a community hero as he carried an elderly customer to safety, navigating through the inundated shop with compassion and determination.

The Incident Unfolds

On a day marked by widespread rain, what began as minor puddles swiftly escalated into a flood, inundating the streets and the tire shop. Joseph Savala, initially unalarmed by the weather, found himself facing a rapidly deteriorating situation as the water levels rose, threatening the safety of customers and the integrity of the shop's equipment.

A Heroic Gesture

Caught in this chaos was an elderly customer, anxiously waiting for her car. Savala, driven by a deep sense of responsibility and memories of his grandmother, decided to act. The vivid cell phone footage capturing Savala carrying the woman through the flooded premises highlights a moment of pure human kindness and courage.

Damage Control and Recovery

The flood's aftermath saw the tire shop's employees in a frantic rush to protect vital equipment from damage. This incident wasn't the first challenge of its kind for Evans Tire & Service Centers, which had only recently reopened after previous flood damages. Yet, the spirit of resilience shone through as plans for cleanup and reopening were promptly set in motion.

The Community's Response

Joseph Savala's act of heroism resonated far beyond the walls of the tire shop, igniting a wave of admiration and support from the local community and online audiences alike. This story serves as a poignant reminder of the impact one individual's actions can have on others, especially in times of crisis.


The flood at Evans Tire & Service Centers became a backdrop for a remarkable story of heroism and community spirit. Joseph Savala's quick thinking and selflessness not only ensured the safety of a customer but also inspired many with a powerful message of compassion and solidarity.


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In the wake of unexpected challenges, the importance of community, empathy, and readiness to help others shines through. Stories like these remind us of the strength found in acts of kindness and the difference one person can make in the lives of others.

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