North Korean leader orders the army to prepare nuclear

North Korea's leader orders the army to prepare for war quickly and prepare the nuclear arsenal

North Korean leader orders the army to prepare nuclear

Official media in North Korea said Thursday morning that leader Kim Jong Un gave orders to the North Korean army to prepare for war.
The Korean media reported that the leader called on the army and the munitions and nuclear weapons industry to work to accelerate preparations for war and to work to counter the repulsion of the move carried out by the United States of America, describing these moves as aggressive.
The Korean leader's speech came during a meeting of the Korean ruling party, in which he revealed the country's political directions for the new year, which works to confront imperialism, stressing that the year 2024 will be a "decisive year" for the completion of the country's five-year development plan.
The North Korean Central News Agency noted that the president gave orders to the relevant authorities to prepare for war, in light of North Korean coordination with China and Russia, amid American accusations that North Korea is arming Russia in its war against Ukraine, which began at the end of February 2022.

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