Tragic Discovery: Nursing Student Found Deceased on University Campus

A 22-year-old Augusta University nursing student, Laken Hope Riley, was tragically found dead on the UGA campus. With foul play suspected

Tragic Discovery: Nursing Student Found Deceased on University Campus

The coroner's office has confirmed the tragic passing of 22-year-old Laken Hope Riley, a dedicated nursing student at Augusta University's Athens campus. The alarm was raised just after noon by a worried friend who noticed Riley hadn't come back from her usual jog at the nearby intramural fields. In less than half an hour, officers found her lifeless body in a forested spot close to Lake Herrick, showing clear signs of injury. Despite immediate life-saving efforts, she was pronounced dead right there in the woods. Augusta University has reached out to its students, hinting at possible foul play and stressing the critical importance of staying safe on campus. Following this heartbreaking news, the University of Georgia has decided to put a hold on all classes until the next Monday, and the Augusta University College of Nursing has also called off classes for Friday as a mark of respect. The incident has cast a shadow over the community, with students voicing their shock and concern over safety in what was considered a safe and peaceful area. UGA's Police Chief, Jeffery Clark, made it clear that Riley was attending a different institution, not UGA, and urged everyone to avoid the area as the investigation, supported by various law enforcement bodies, continues. Clark assured the community there's no immediate danger but remained committed to tracking down the person responsible. This sorrowful event comes on the heels of another student's demise at Brumby Hall, marking a profoundly difficult period for the campus. The university acknowledged the previous incident was a suicide, confirmed by the student's high school, and stated there's no link between the two tragic events. Chief Clark, in a press conference, reiterated the absence of any connection between the deaths and called on anyone with information to step forward and contact the UGA Police Department. As the investigation unfolds, more details are expected to emerge from local news outlets, keeping the community informed on this distressing matter.

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