Panthers Boost Offense with Diontae Johnson Trade, Swap Picks with Steelers

The Panthers trade for WR Diontae Johnson, improving their offense, in exchange for CB Donte Jackson and pick swaps with the Steelers

Panthers Boost Offense with Diontae Johnson Trade, Swap Picks with Steelers
  1. Introduction
    • Overview of the trade between Panthers and Steelers
  2. Key Players in the Trade
    • Profile of Diontae Johnson
    • Profile of Donte Jackson
  3. Impact on the Carolina Panthers
    • Boosting the offensive lineup
    • The role of Bryce Young in the revamped offense
  4. Impact on the Pittsburgh Steelers
    • Adjusting the team's dynamics with Donte Jackson
    • Preparing for Russell Wilson's debut season
  5. Future Prospects for Both Teams
    • Expectations from the new additions
    • Draft pick implications for 2024
  6. Conclusion
    • Summary of the trade's potential impact on the NFL season
  7. FAQs

The Carolina Panthers have strategically bolstered their offensive arsenal by acquiring wide receiver Diontae Johnson and a 2024 seventh-round pick (No. 240 overall) from the Pittsburgh Steelers. In a significant move, the Panthers have exchanged cornerback Donte Jackson and a 2024 sixth-round selection (No. 178 overall)【source】. This trade not only signifies the Panthers' intent to rejuvenate their attack but also marks a pivotal shift for both teams as they prepare for the upcoming season.

Key Players in the Trade

  • Diontae Johnson: A formidable force in the receiving game, Johnson has been a consistent performer for the Steelers. Despite a downturn in receptions last season, his ability to open up in space and create plays remains undisputed【source】.
  • Donte Jackson: Jackson brings a dynamic edge to the Steelers' defense, promising to fortify their backline further as they gear up for a season with high stakes and new ambitions【source】.

Impact on the Carolina Panthers
The addition of Diontae Johnson is a clear signal of the Panthers' ambition to overhaul their passing offense, which lagged behind last season. With Bryce Young at the helm, Johnson's expertise in finding space and securing receptions could be the catalyst for a more dynamic and threatening offense【source】.

Impact on the Pittsburgh Steelers
While losing a key offensive player in Johnson, the Steelers gain a robust defender in Donte Jackson. This trade could balance their team dynamics, providing a stronger defense to support Russell Wilson as he steps into the quarterback role【source】.

Future Prospects for Both Teams
Both teams emerge from this trade with clear strategies and renewed prospects. The Panthers aim to elevate their offensive game, while the Steelers bolster their defense, setting the stage for a compelling season ahead【source】.

This trade between the Carolina Panthers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, involving Diontae Johnson and Donte Jackson, reflects the teams' strategic moves ahead of the next NFL season. As both teams adapt to their new line-ups, the impact of these changes will be closely watched by fans and analysts alike.


  1. What does Diontae Johnson bring to the Panthers?
    Johnson offers the Panthers a proven receiver with the ability to create significant plays, potentially transforming their offensive dynamics.

  2. How does Donte Jackson fit into the Steelers' defense?
    Jackson's agility and coverage skills will enhance the Steelers' defensive lineup, providing them with more versatility against opposing offenses.

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