Revolutionizing Colonoscopy: Fujifilm's AI CAD EYE® Enhances Polyp Detection

how Fujifilm's CAD EYE®, leveraging AI, significantly improves colonic polyp detection for early colorectal cancer intervention

Revolutionizing Colonoscopy: Fujifilm's AI CAD EYE® Enhances Polyp Detection
  1. Introduction
    • Overview of Fujifilm's CAD EYE® and its significance in colorectal cancer prevention.
  2. The Technology Behind CAD EYE®
    • Description of CAD EYE® components and functionality.
    • Integration with Fujifilm’s ELUXEO® Endoscopic Imaging System.
  3. Benefits of CAD EYE® in Clinical Practice
    • Enhanced detection rates of adenomas.
    • Real-time alerts and visualization features.
    • Compatibility with existing endoscopic procedures.
  4. Impact on Colorectal Cancer Prevention
    • Statistics on colorectal cancer and the role of screening.
    • Studies showcasing CAD EYE®’s effectiveness.
  5. Expert Perspectives on CAD EYE®
    • Testimonials from healthcare professionals.
  6. Availability and Future Prospects
    • Commercial availability and future developments.
  7. Conclusion
    • Recap of CAD EYE®’s contributions to endoscopic imaging and patient care.
  8. FAQs
    • Address common queries about CAD EYE®, its use, and benefits.


In a significant leap forward for gastrointestinal healthcare, FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation has unveiled CAD EYE®, a pioneering AI detection system designed to revolutionize endoscopic imaging. CAD EYE® empowers physicians with real-time detection of colonic mucosal lesions, notably polyps and adenomas, during colonoscopy procedures. This advancement holds the promise of enhancing the early detection of pre-cancerous lesions, a crucial step in combating colorectal cancer, the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the U.S.

The Technology Behind CAD EYE®

CAD EYE® is the culmination of Fujifilm's extensive research and development in AI and endoscopic technology. It comprises the Fujifilm EX-1 expansion unit and EW10-EC02 endoscopy support software, seamlessly integrating with the ELUXEO® Endoscopic Imaging System. Developed at Fujifilm’s Tokyo AI technology center, CAD EYE® uses deep learning to accurately identify polyps and adenomas from clinical images, marking a significant advancement in endoscopic procedures.

Benefits of CAD EYE® in Clinical Practice

Clinicians can expect a transformative impact on their practice with CAD EYE®. It detects adenomas with significantly higher accuracy compared to conventional methods, without extending the duration of colonoscopy procedures. The system provides visual and auditory alerts for detected lesions, enhancing the physician's ability to identify and remove potentially cancerous growths effectively.

Impact on Colorectal Cancer Prevention

Colorectal cancer prevention is critically dependent on early detection and intervention. CAD EYE®'s introduction represents a significant advancement in this area, with studies indicating a 17% increase in adenoma detection per colonoscopy when using this technology. This improvement in detection rates is a promising step toward reducing colorectal cancer incidence and mortality.

Expert Perspectives on CAD EYE®

Healthcare professionals, including gastroenterologists like Dr. Sravanthi Parasa, have lauded CAD EYE® for its potential to enhance patient outcomes significantly. The FDA's approval of this technology underscores its importance and reliability in improving colorectal cancer screening and detection.

Availability and Future Prospects

Set for commercial release in spring 2024, CAD EYE® will soon become an invaluable tool in gastrointestinal healthcare. Its introduction is just the beginning, with Fujifilm committed to ongoing innovation in AI and endoscopic imaging.


CAD EYE® represents a groundbreaking advancement in endoscopic imaging, offering unprecedented accuracy in detecting pre-cancerous lesions. As this technology becomes widely available, it promises to play a pivotal role in colorectal cancer prevention, aligning with Fujifilm's mission to improve patient outcomes through innovation.


  • What is CAD EYE®? CAD EYE® is Fujifilm's AI-powered endoscopic imaging technology for enhanced detection of colonic polyps.
  • How does CAD EYE® improve colonoscopy procedures? It increases adenoma detection rates without adding time to procedures, offering real-time, accurate detection.
  • When will CAD EYE® be available? CAD EYE® is expected to be commercially available in spring 2024 following a limited market evaluation.

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