Secrets of pre-Flood civilizations

One day, researchers found traces dating back about 5,000 years that revealed an advanced human being who suddenly began using advanced technology

Secrets of pre-Flood civilizations

How was it possible for an ignorant, primitive human being to jump overnight from a stage that lasted hundreds of thousands of years of savagery and primitiveness to an advanced stage in which he performs thousands of scientific miracles, some of which are more advanced and complex than the technology known in the twenty-first century...and these archaeological facts were revealed on sites Different around the world...that is, the entire globe was dominated in ancient history by a unified model of advanced technology!!!!
There are many examples, including: electric batteries discovered in Iraq in 1938, in addition to copper vessels that were electrically coated with silver and dating back to 2500 BC, and crystal pieces dating back to the Mayan civilization. The human skull was discovered in 1912 and clearly indicates that the excavation process was carried out using very complex and advanced machines and maps. A very accurate geography dating back centuries, and its owners said that they copied it from very old references, and it shows the coasts of South America and Antarctica appearing to be free of ice crust, knowing that the last parts of the Antarctic continent were free of ice before the year 4000 BC.....and the Sumerians showed The ancients had a broad and accurate knowledge of astronomy, such as determining the identity and specifications of the nine planets in our solar system, as well as detailed information such as knowing the four main moons of Jupiter, and this is information that we did not know in this era until after the invention of the telescope!!!!!
There are also traces of erosion caused by rainwater in both the Great Sphinx in Giza, Egypt, as well as the Great Pyramid, and this process could not have occurred except 7,000 years ago... In 1986, scientists found in the corridor leading to the Queen’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid (Khufu) in the pyramids area in Giza, a quantity of sand that... Analyzes showed that it contains a percentage of radiation reaching 7.7%, which confirms that this sand is not natural radioactive sand, but rather sand that was atomically and radioactively treated with precise and complex separation processes before the pyramid builders placed it in this corridor. This is what led the atomic scientist Louis Bulgarini to say that the ancient Egyptians understood The laws of atomic decay. Enriched uranium was one of the elements known to their priests and sages. Let us consider the Pharaonic necklace that covered the chest of the mummy of one of the princesses of the ancient Egyptian state. Swiss experts discovered that its beads were made of natural crystal beads. These beads were pierced with laser beams to be held together with very thin wires of gold. The diameter of these holes in each grain reached a fraction of a millimeter, which is something that cannot be implemented and achieved in practice except by using a laser, as scientists have confirmed.
Let us consider one of the puzzles that puzzled scientists about the mask of the head of the golden coffin of Tutankhamun, which appeared to them as if it was made from a single piece of gold, and this is almost impossible. Then radiological detection devices showed the presence of precise welds in it indicating that it was made with laser beams, which means that the Pharaohs had Laser welding devices... And let us not forget the documented evidence of the use of electricity and electric lamps in ancient Egypt, and the means engraved on the ceiling of the Abydos Temple that resemble our modern technologies, such as planes, submarines, etc....
Regarding the mystery of the Ica stones, in the year 1966, Dr. Javier Cabrera received a gift from a poor farmer from his village, Icafipero. It was a stone engraved with a fish. When he examined it, he discovered that this drawn fish represented a species that had been extinct for a long geological time. Shortly after, the doctor collected thousands of these stones. Strange, and the drawings engraved on them were very strange and charming. It seems that in one period of history, someone photographed men fighting dinosaurs, others using telescopes, and there are those performing surgical operations using advanced tools and methods.... Some of these stones also contain maps depicting lost continents. Some were sent From these stones to Germany, where the date of the scratches of the holes was determined, it turned out that they date back to ancient times, but we have all learned that it is not possible for man to be contemporary with the dinosaurs. Modern man, as systematic science claims, only came into existence 100,000 years ago!!!!!... not to mention the inscriptions of civilization. Nazca in Peru, which could only have happened with horizontal drilling from space and golden airplane models....
All of this and much, much more indicates that great sciences and uses of free energy, in a spiritually balanced sense, were used in those ancient civilizations, and the process of obliterating and obfuscating them can never be done randomly or through ignorance of them at all... This is part of what we will always repeat because Everyone does not know the secret behind the theft of antiquities of countries that have been and are being hacked, such as Iraq, followed by Libya, Egypt, and Syria, and in these countries there are some missing data to complete the puzzle of these technologies by those who seized them and prevented them from all of humanity.

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