Shadow Hills girls' wrestling team makes history with CIF-SS title

For Shadow Hills girls' wrestling coach Jody Davis, what his team accomplished Saturday was the culmination of years of hard work, but he likes to think of it as just the beginning.

Shadow Hills girls' wrestling team makes history with CIF-SS title

For Coach Jody Davis and the Shadow Hills girls' wrestling team, achieving the CIF-SS Southern Division championship on Saturday was not just a milestone but a beacon of future aspirations. This triumph marked a historic moment as the first girls' wrestling team from the desert region to secure such a prestigious title, spotlighting the relentless dedication and teamwork that defines the Knights.

The victory was a group effort, with the team amassing 223.0 points to edge out Mayfair, who scored 207 points. This success was buoyed by two individual champions and nine wrestlers qualifying for the Masters meet, alongside contributions from the entire roster. Coach Davis emphasized the importance of trust within the team—trust in the training regime, in each other, and in the collective goal that everyone, from the top performers to those who add depth to the team, plays a vital role in achieving.

The Knights are no strangers to victory, having clinched their fourth consecutive Desert Empire League title this year, maintaining an unbeaten streak in league dual meets—a testament to their dominance and consistency. A standout among the champions is 140-pound dynamo Kaylin Montano, whose track record of wins underscores the individual excellence within the team.

This achievement is not just a reflection of hard work and talent but also a statement about the growing prominence of girls' wrestling as a competitive sport. As Coach Davis and his team look ahead, they see this not as the peak of their journey but as a stepping stone to greater achievements.

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