The story of the Tunisian magician and 900 women

The story of the Tunisian magician and 900 women

A new case of quackery and sorcery, but this time a completely different case, little in horror but a lot in excitement.. Today we will not talk about the kingdoms of the jinn, nor rituals of black magic to open archaeological tombs, nor boats of children carrying out the desires and requests of lower jinn.
What happened in Tunisia two days ago was completely different. It may not have been the first of its kind, but it was the first in many things... a case in which 900 women were victims. They had sex with them under the pretext of procreation. It was full sexual intercourse in order to obtain what is called pure semen.
Here are the details that will be presented for the first time

The beginning began when the reputation of a new impostor spread quickly in Tunisia... among the people and on social media sites - a person named Belkacem who was able to lure victims from women who were looking for children after all medical solutions had failed.
This charlatan was able to convince many women, whose number reached approximately 900 women, that he was able to have sex with them in order to obtain “pure semen.” According to him, it is the only solution to treat delayed childbearing and treat them from jinn, magic, and many other diseases that medicine has been unable to cure. solve it

According to the Tunisian Nessma Channel website, the sorcerer Belkacem is in his late forties and was claiming that he is a spiritual medium and that he can cure diseases, become possessed by jinn, and delay childbearing through sex under the pretext of healing from the disease.
The demons and the jinn kings whom he subjugates under his hand can do and do anything for him, but a complete sexual process must be completed in order to obtain the pure semen that is offered in a lower ritual to the jinn kings.
Press reports indicate that the charlatan was able to deceive his female victims and convince them that having fully consensual sex with him was a condition for treatment, but during that time he photographed them and later blackmailed them to have sex with them over and over again.
An investigation conducted by the “Four Truths” program on the Tunisian Al-Hiwar channel contributed to the girls and women submitting reports to the Tunisian security authorities and the Tunisian judiciary, so that their identities would be preserved, which ultimately led to the rapist’s charlatan falling into the hands of the Tunisian security.
After the investigation revealed the methods by which victims were lured... they were able to make a phone call that was recorded and shown on the program... where he told the girl that he must pay an amount of 210 thousand Tunisian dinars and that the treatment would be through approximately 14 treatment sessions, and the girl must prepare an apartment in which to have sexual intercourse in order to get rid of the lover’s jinn
The team was also able to meet this charlatan, Belkacem, through a girl who played the role of a victim who wanted treatment from him and was able to film him with a hidden camera to reveal the methods of setting him up and luring women.
The Tunisian Judicial Police Employees Syndicate said that after obtaining judicial permission, the accused’s house was raided and searched, 20 mobile phones and several cameras were found that contained sexual clips of him with a number of women, and the prosecution ordered the seizure of the videos and electronic devices.
The Tunisian authorities confirmed that the man confessed that he was deluding his victims into following the method of sexual spiritual therapy to satisfy his desires only under what is called pure rape.

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