The truth about The Da Vinci Code

Although nearly twenty years have passed since the publication of the novel The Da Vinci Code by American Dan Brown

The truth about The Da Vinci Code

the reverberations of the controversy it caused are still continuing, and contrary to what appears, the cause of this uproar is the idea, whose boldness was definitely admitted, that there is a lineage of Christ and the Catholic Church is trying to erase it and fight it. Despite the severity of the danger of this idea to the theology of the Christian faith...but I believe that the most dangerous idea, which in my opinion is the cause of the attack and the real controversy, is appearing for the first time with such clarity, is the doctrine of the worship of women, or the holy woman, which is the most mysterious, complex, and hidden doctrine, even of the dramatic doctrines. As I believe, this doctrine is a mixture between the sanctification of ancient deities such as Isis, Ishtar, and Venus, and the sanctification of women in and of themselves because they carry divine attributes, and here a strong Gnostic and dramatic tinge appears... I think that Dan Brown was very intelligent to pass on that dangerous topic, which he said. What was put forward behind a shocking, imaginative thesis that the public was preoccupied with... Conservatives, despite the fact that Brown’s first novel, Angels and Demons, published in 2000, which was the best-selling that year, carried an extreme attack on the Church that was more logical and therefore more dangerous than that mythical, non-adherent idea that was put forward. In The Da Vinci Code... But the elite of the radicals were aware of the danger of such a conflict appearing in public, which had remained hidden over centuries between them and the supporters of that secret doctrine... As for the supporters of that doctrine, I do not know whether what Brown said was coordinated or directed by them to appear. Finally, it became public, especially since Barwan’s bias towards that belief was clear... I do not know if it is a coincidence that the year of the novel’s publication, 2003, is the same year as the United States invaded Iraq, which is considered the source of the most important goddess in that belief, Ishtar. It is said that Babylon was in ancient times the main center for that belief. Doctrine?

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