The Book of Enoch

During World War II, information reached British intelligence indicating that the SS had formed a special team of historical scholars

The Book of Enoch

 archaeologists and metaphysics experts to search for the keys to supernatural powers and sacred relics in all civilizations, and of course books on secret science.
One of the most important things the team was searching for was the most famous book in the world of magic and prophecy, the Jubilees       
Books of Secret Knowledge (1) The Jubilees, The Book of Enoch, The Books of Abraham               
Gobel's book in history represents a mystery comparable to the location of Noah's Ark, the location of the Holy Grail, and the Ark of the Covenant
Those interested in metaphysics believe that (Jubilee) is the basic origin that all the Abrahamic doctrinal books talked about and referred to by names such as (The Tablet of Destiny, The Preserved Tablet, The Books of Abraham, The Word of God, or The Haggadah).
It is also believed that the book is written in symbolic form, containing everything that will happen to humanity from its creation until the present day. It is believed that all the prophecies found in the Holy Books are signs that point to detailed prophecies in the Book of Jubilee.
(The Tanakh) mentions that the Prophet (Enoch) found (Noah). It is mentioned that he was a great man of faith in the eyes of the Lord. He taught his people agriculture, medicine, and writing. Those interested believe that he is the same person (Idris) among the Muslims. (Thos) among the Pharaohs. (Hermes) among the Greeks.
He was one of the greatest inhabitants of the earth. He even built the ark with his grandson Noah before the flood. He passed away a few days before the flood. Out of honor for him, God postponed the flood for a full week so that Noah would fulfill the days required to eulogize the dead according to the law.
He claims that (Enoch) was the first to have a book revealed to him revealed from heaven. That the name Gobibi literally means in Hebrew (the sevens), as it is an expression of parts, each of which describes nine years, each of which is colored by one specific prophecy, and that this book was dictated to Enoch by four angels during the period. Which God sent (the angels of the throne) to fight the Nephalim, and the Nephalim are the sons of the fallen angels (devils) from the daughters of (the cursed Cain).
The Ethiopian Orthodox Church confirms that they have the only original copy of the Code. It was brought with him by Menelik, whom the Jews know as Ben Sabrah. He was the one who carried with him the Ark of the Covenant and the Codes and took them out to Ethiopia to escape from the Egyptian King Shenchiq. It is one of the most important foundations of the famous Ethiopian faith (Rastafari).
The Popes of the Ethiopian Church have announced more than once a date for the unveiling of these relics, but they withdraw from that at the last moment and in return obtain political benefits and bribes from various sources!!!!!!!
Ibn al-Buni indicates in his most famous book (Shams al-Ma’arif), which we will discuss in detail later, that he had actually heard of its existence in the Ethiopian Church and that he himself knew it as the Books of Abraham.
As for the famous esotericist, Alistair Crowley, he admits that he translated the esoteric book (The Lesser Seal of King Solomon) from a worn out copy of the book while he was in Alexandria, when the Abyssinian priests were restoring part of the book in secret with the paper restoration experts Al-Jariji in Alexandria. Crowley claimed that the part he read was related to the holy names. For secret entities
According to the popular opinion, the Jubilee was very large and included all the events of humanity, requiring eight hundred and eighty years of Enoch’s life.
It seems that the size of the code is what prevented the Jews from issuing their own copy of it, as they are accustomed to doing with all secret books to mislead others. The book is written in ancient Aramaic (Enochian), which is one of the origins of Ethiopian Amharic grandmothers, and it is believed that it was passed from father to son until it reached Azerbaijan. Abram's father, as he took another name with Abraham's journey and turned into the pages of Abraham
For this reason, the Italians sent their soldiers to Abyssinia to facilitate the mission of the SS in obtaining the blog, but Haile Selassie’s grandfather himself hid the blog.
Whoever possesses the Jubilee of Enoch possesses tremendous power that enables him at the level of nations to move with complete ease in calculating the gain, because he will have with him what is called (the calendar of the Lord’s history of the earth).

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